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The Harry Potter Suite

Improve occupancy rates without increasing footprint.
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What child on holiday with their parents wouldn't want to stay in the Harry Potter Suite at the holiday hotel?

Images of magical, self-rearranging rooms with endless supplies of Bertie Botts' and animated paintings would pop into their little heads.

Imagine their surprise when they get to spend the entire holiday (vacation) squeezed into the spaces under the internal fire exits.

coprocephalous, Mar 02 2010

for those who can't afford the expensive hotel... http://readingharry...halloween-house.jpg
[xandram, Mar 02 2010]

Art becomes realty http://www.bbc.com/...821769124607748#_=_
[AbsintheWithoutLeave, Oct 01 2015]


       Harsh and cruel but not without literary justification ... [+]
Aristotle, Mar 02 2010

       You should set this up across from the Oliver Twist Towers.   

MikeD, Mar 02 2010

       Very cute!+
blissmiss, Mar 02 2010

       I had some Harry Potter sweets at Christmas (actually, they were Bertie Botts - and half of them were foul).
wagster, Mar 02 2010

       hah! love it! I'd like to stay there! +
xandram, Mar 02 2010

       Eminently bunnable . [+]
8th of 7, Mar 02 2010

       Why not the Harry Potter Hotel ? No rooms, just a bunch of stairways with cubbies underneath.
FlyingToaster, Oct 01 2015

       Just so long as no one is hanging around to tell them of their destiny as a wizard and haul them off to never never land.
Voice, Oct 02 2015


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