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Vintners' "outward bounds" course
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How about charging corporations/companies to send their employees to a vineyard which teaches them to work as a team towards a common goal (harvesting the grapes, pressing them, producing the wine...)

The guinea pigs... sorry, guests... would receive valuable life lessons and a bottle of wine they had made.

The vineyard owner would receive FREE LABOUR and lots more wine to sell for a profit...

No Lose Sitch!

ossian72, Oct 11 2003


       What if the employee gets fired before the wine is bottled?
thumbwax, Oct 11 2003

       If the guinea pigs actually got some profit out of that training (this meaning, they got a small percentage of the sales of those wine bottles they helped produce) they would really learn the lesson and understand how good it is to be productive. If not, they're just learning that your boss won't share the profit with you, which in most cases is what really happens.
Pericles, Oct 12 2003


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