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The Kama Spurious

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Full of sexual positions and ideas which people claim to have tried while drunk.
Fishrat, Feb 17 2004

Yellowtail collar, deep fried http://www.google.c...search=&safe=images
Yummy stuff..... [normzone, Oct 05 2004]


       Have an appendix full of drinks and associated memory loss time.
Detly, Feb 17 2004

       A lot of halfbakery material might end up there.
FarmerJohn, Feb 17 2004

stupop, Feb 17 2004

       [FarmerJohn] How about "Chapter 7: Twister Bed Sheets and Sing-a-long vibrators"?

       Should include a disclaimer about the dangers of attempting some pages without the aid of inhibriation.
Fishrat, Feb 17 2004

       ... or a Chiropracter.
Letsbuildafort, Feb 17 2004

       Sing-a-long vibrators is a wonderful idea. Has it been posted?
nomadic_wonderer, Feb 17 2004

       [MoodyDeirdre] posted "Sing Alongs For Vibrators" in this catagory (see link above)
Fishrat, Feb 17 2004

       I love Kama....[see link]
normzone, Feb 17 2004

       [Fishrat] thanks. I went and deposited one croissant into that account.
nomadic_wonderer, Feb 17 2004

       Normzone - I guess the fast food version would be instant ka(r)ma?
Fishrat, Feb 18 2004

       I can see some overlaps between this book and my own tome listed below it.
Detly, Feb 19 2004

       Reading my initial idea, I can't decide whether this would be best as documentary of ideas which people, while drunk in a bar, claim to having once attempted; or a documentary of the things which sober people claim to have done when they were under the influence of alcohol.   

       Either way, there would be [interesting] overlaps with your idea.
Fishrat, Feb 20 2004

       Waking up that morning, I just felt that something wasn't right. I had a stinking hangover for a start, and couldn't remember anything from the previous night. I felt something sticky in my left ear....it seemed like... marmalade. There was a large depression in the bed next to me where someone heavy had obviously been sleeping until recently. I surveyed my bedroom. A pair of hooped-waistband clown trousers was hanging from the ceiling fan gently rotating and creating a pleasant breeze. My carpet was 3 inches deep in talcum powder and I could clearly make out the footprints of at least 5 different people and also some sort of hooved animal. I looked down at my own body. It was completely shaven and I was wearing nothing but a series of multi-coloured elastic bands up the length of my left leg. What had I done last night? I reached for the 'Kama Spurious' in the cupboard beside my bed and flicked through.......aha! there it was! uuugghh!
stupop, Feb 20 2004

       Sexy Losers #87-90 depicts the sort of thing that would probably be left out of the Kama Spurious. I won't post a link though. Explicit.
Detly, Feb 20 2004


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