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Water counter

Mix resetable car odometer with water-flow/volume measuring device
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Built into the tap, have one of those roll-over odometer type things, like in a car but with around 3 digits. Turn on the tap and the numbers start rolling. Therefore you can easily measure out water from the tap down to tenths of a cup (or local unit of measurement).

At the push of a button, it is reset back to zero. No more looking for measuring cups, or spoons just to measure water!

swimr, Aug 24 2004

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       make it more like the automatic soda dispensers at fast food places where you set the volume and hit a button and only that much comes out. would prevent overshooting. have a "free flow" setting too. though it would also be fun to watch the numbers scroll by...(+)
xclamp, Aug 24 2004

       this idea 'may' work where tap water is used for drinking & cooking.
vedarshi, Aug 24 2004

       //this idea 'may' work where tap water is used for drinking & cooking.//   

       yes. i'm guessing potable tap water would be a pre-requisite. did it really need to be pointed out though?
xclamp, Aug 24 2004

       What do you mean, [ved]. I say it would definately work. Flow meters are simple devices, as are odometers.
Worldgineer, Aug 24 2004

       Whoa, neat link World. I say nix the odometer, time is money and money needs to be wasted, lets go with a digital display.
swimr, Aug 24 2004

       Yes, circuitry should simplify this and allow you to have the display far from the measuring device. Add a solenoid and you can implement [xclamp]'s idea as well.
Worldgineer, Aug 24 2004

       If only circuitry was as easy as math....\\add a solenoid\\
swimr, Aug 24 2004

       [Worldgineer],sorry to have annoyed you.actually i had keyed in detailed comments then edited (poorly) but posted without checking.   

       [xclamp],yes it needs to be pointed. there are many-many places where tap water is not potable, it is used only for washing utensils. i just wanted to point out one of the limitations (i can't say if there would be any other limitation).
vedarshi, Aug 24 2004

       [ved], in those places you don't install the aforementioned Water Counter.

I think it's a great idea, although I'd want to have a whole range of units too: gallons, fluid ounces, teaspoons, tablespoons and the like. A boon fo the cook and the conservationist (and conversationalist) alike.
neilp, Aug 24 2004

       a query [moderators kindly reply] - does replication of any baked idea with some variation qualify on HB ? what exactly are our criteria to decide whether an idea was already baked or not ?   

       if modified replications qualify, i would be happy to post a few.
vedarshi, Aug 24 2004

       [ved] it doesn't take a moderator to suggest you read the help, and read it again if you need an answer to that question.

P.S. this is nothing like anything which is already baked.
neilp, Aug 24 2004

       //Ideas for the halfbakery should be original to the poster and should, as far as the poster knows, not exist already. (Use search engines to check whether or not what you're about to invent already exists.) //   

       //make it more like the automatic soda dispensers at fast food places where you set the volume and hit a button and only that much comes out//   



       yes, it is original.
vedarshi, Aug 24 2004


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