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The Last Word

Clear conversation deliniation
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There should be some standardized protocol to ending a conversation that will make it clear to all involved parties that the conversation is indeed over and no further pleasantries are required to affirm such, nor are any of the participant's feelings going to be hurt if we simply turned and walked away/logged off immediately. "Goodbye" may suffice for voice-only (but does not always [I'm sure you'll agree, StarChaser :]), but in text chats, emails, and the like, the appropriate cues that "all parties involved have mutually been informed of and understand the topic of discussion, and there is no need for any further, immediate communication on this same topic to affirm such" are not always present, hence many people go round after round exchanging redundant farewells only for the sake of either affirming that the conversation *is* over or attempting to take care of the feelings of everyone else, usually resulting only in exasperation (if not another round of the same, /ad infinitum/).

Maybe a singular word? or a quasi-witty end tag like "</conversation>"?

absterge, Dec 28 2000


       I didn't realize this was a problem that needed solving.
centauri, Dec 28 2000

       So are we finished with our discussion in the Atheist Homeland, Centauri? *Doh!...just kidding*   

       Seriously, perhaps we could resurrect the usage of "Q.E.D." (Quod Erat Demonstrandum: "Which was the thing to be proved") the acronym frequently used to signify the end of a demonstrated proof (e.g. Euclid's Elements.)
iuvare, Dec 28 2000

       yay! PeterSealy denounces me! I must truly belong here after all!
absterge, Dec 28 2000

       oh. well. now I really am disappointed. no teenage children here, so no empathy. ah, well. :) The finality of such a statement is certainly not ambiguous at all, but it does leave quite a bit to be desired in the ways of mutuality and courtesy.   

       I'm all for "qed!" said chipperly, iuvare, but I can't decide between "kw<schwae>d" or "ked" for the pronunciation...
absterge, Dec 28 2000

       Where I work, people solve this problem by simply turning on their heels and striding away, especially if they're visiting from an out-of-town office and/or have the power to get you sacked---though it seems to me that in real life, that could be optional.
Ander, Dec 28 2000

       I like this idea as well <You were right, Absterge...>...It's hard to get off the phone with some people after the problem is fixed, and a clear signal of 'Communication Ends' would be nice.   

       A click and dialtone works, but tends to get people irked...
StarChaser, Dec 29 2000

       Three words: "This is pointless" + any other suggestion. ---The phantom diner at a Klingon buffet.
reensure, Dec 29 2000

       Over And Out.
thumbwax, Dec 29 2000

       OK Bye
blahginger, Dec 29 2000

       Are we in agreement then?
gnormal, Feb 05 2001

       no one mentioned chat rooms, where a conversation ender would be helpful. there are often several rounds of goodbyes. while QED could be used, it would more likely generate at least one 'what's QED? is that like ASL?' i prefer </conversation>, maybe because i write code, or because it's very clear what it means. you could use <conversation> when you want to start talking, too.
mr shrum, Mar 31 2001

       ~~~~ (waves)   

       I've actually seen that in use. (Without the brackets, and their contents).   

       I find that SMS messaging is the situation that almost always gets out of hand; they multiply at a frightening rate.   

       B crfl out thr M8s
Spidergoat, Jun 06 2001

       tubby bye bye
po, Aug 25 2001

       I end many chats by putting a winking face on railroad tracks...
"got me a train to catch"
thumbwax, Aug 26 2001

       okay... all right... mmmmmmmmmbye now.
jester, Oct 07 2001

       "OK, I'll see you in the pub, then."   

       What? That's how all _my_ conversations end.
Guy Fox, Oct 07 2001

       That's how all mine start.
DrBob, Oct 07 2001

       I think it should end with some sort of disclaimer... thats what all the labels on products end in.   

       Not responsible for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential insult or hurt feelings resulting from any defect, error or failure to perform in this conversation. Some of the trademarks mentioned in this conversation appear for identification purposes only.   

       Do not speak below this line.
Mambome, Nov 15 2002

       "Good day, sir!"
Tabbyclaw, Apr 02 2003

bristolz, Apr 02 2003

       That's so funny you mention this. I actually had a closing phrase with me and one of my friends. It went like this, "fuck you good bye." Our conversations never dragged, it was marvelous. The best part was that we would say it really quick in funny voices, which made us look forward to ending conversations. Fuck you good bye
JPG4500, Nov 09 2006

       Should the bakery have a separate category with a title like 'Workarounds for Asperger Syndrome'?
pertinax, Nov 09 2006

       "Zymurgy", I've just checked.
Loris, Nov 09 2006


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