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The Lucky Locator

Now you can really find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
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We all know how elusive the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is. But few know the real reason for its elusiveness. It is because the rainbow, when it sees you coming towards it, runs away in the opposite direction, leaving you to wonder where the end of it had been.

Well, worry no longer.

Using a sophisticated combination of GPS technology, high-resolution digital photography and object recognition, online mapping and satellite views, the Lucky Locator will find the pot for you.

After the rain, when the sun begins to shine, you leave your shelter to enjoy the pleasant smell of wet concrete. Then you see it! A beautiful rainbow!

Quick! You retrieve your Lucky Locator. You must be sure to find a spot to locate from that you can easily pinpoint on a Google map.

You set up the locator and direct it towards the rainbow. On the screen, a Google map of your area appears. You identify your current location - be precise! The better you pinpoint this, the more accurate your result, and the less time you will spend digging!

Push the "snapshot" button. On the screen you see a digital image of the land and the rainbow. You push the wondrous "locate" button. The locator, using a complex mash-up algorithm, combines the online map with the image on the screen, pinpointing your location. Then it identifies the exact location of the end of the rainbow in the digital image, and matches it to the location on the map!

To your great delight, GPS location leads you directly to the identified spot. The rainbow, as usual, runs away from you, but it's too late! You have already found the spot. And just like that, you're independantly wealthy! This thing more than pays for itself.

Get yourself one now.

globaltourniquet, Aug 16 2007

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       Begorrah! He'll be the undoing of all us little people...
wagster, Aug 16 2007


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