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The Trojan Furby

Cuddly Thieves Among Us
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As new and improved anthropomorphic and pseudo-biological robot toys are hitting the market, and as they inevitably get wireless connectivity, a great opportunity exists for infecting them with identity stealing viruses.

Record and transmit audio and video of face images, pins being entered, credit card bills, shoot amateur porn -- the possibilities seem endless.

theircompetitor, Mar 25 2005

(?) Not just thieves, they’re spies. http://www.cnn.com/...3/nsa.furby.ban.01/
[Shz, Mar 25 2005]

Another thing Cheap_20Mine_20Removal_20Device
Read the annos [DesertFox, Mar 25 2005]

(?) Hack Furby http://www.homestead.com/hackfurby/
[jaksplat, Mar 26 2005]

fur http://www.bing.com...q=furby&FORM=HDRSC2
by [popbottle, Jan 01 2015]


       [furby speaks] "Thats good.......keep doing that....yeah, that's working. Now change places..."
normzone, Mar 25 2005

       2047 - "Honey! You have to take the dogbot to the vet, he's been infected with Jimmy Tarbuck again."
wagster, Mar 25 2005

       Heeheehee! I hate furbies.
DesertFox, Mar 25 2005

       2048: Furbies and Gnomes reach agreement for world domination.
zeno, Mar 26 2005

       aww, who boned Furby?
theircompetitor, Mar 26 2005

       The dirty pigeons love a bit of it!
gnomethang, Mar 26 2005

       They had this on an episode of the Simpsons.
contracts, Mar 26 2005

       //aww, who boned Furby?//

Apparently, you're new to the world of "bizzare internet fetishes."
AfroAssault, Mar 27 2005

       *evil laugh*   

       A fluffy world domination scheme.
themeh, Jan 08 2007

       Not very familiar with these toys, but apparently they've been banned on military bases due to their ability to learn and repeat.
normzone, Jan 01 2015

       True, but it's nothing to do with security - more a matter of preventing Lieutenants developing inferiority complexes …
8th of 7, Jan 01 2015


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