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tax rebates for random acts of kindness.

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many large companies make charitritable donations or for because he can get some sort of tax break for it. Sort of sems like alld of us regular scmoes are being good people for no reason. I figgure.community involvment could be encouraged by giving small tax breaks for individuals who do good deeds like holding doors and giving clothes away and whatnot.
bob, Sep 14 2017


       I like the concept but it would require a battery of rules and an army of administrative clerks to quantify.
normzone, Sep 14 2017

       But if an act of kindness were encouraged by a tax break, then it wouldn't be a random act of kindness, but a calculated one.
pertinax, Sep 16 2017

       I've just given this idea an upvote. May I have a tax credit please?
AusCan531, Sep 16 2017


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