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Pizza to the People
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Regular (i.e. retina scanned and background checked to ensure maximal shadiness) schmoes compete to deliver frozen pizza to the populous (i.e. anyone in San Francisco** with bitcoin* to spare and a hunger for food-like product) in the fastest, cheapest and most satisfactory manner possible. I expect $3 billion in venture capital by Wednesday.

*The real money, of course, is in arbitrage.

**Not yet available in all neighborhoods.

Spacecoyote, Oct 26 2014

Non-scam variant of this Idea U-Deliver_20Pizza
At least I see some similarities between the two Ideas. [Vernon, Oct 27 2014]


       Baked (punny, he he) in San Francisco:   

slater, Oct 26 2014

       frozen pizza ? They be up against Wal dash mart and any supermarket. I don't get it. And what is this bit of coin thing --- is that frozen too ?
popbottle, Oct 26 2014

       What? I mean, what is the idea here?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 26 2014

       Looks like the taxi service Uber combined with pizza delivery and maybe a vague reference to kickstarter and bitcoin.
rcarty, Oct 26 2014

       Pizza delivery racing. I think.
blissmiss, Oct 26 2014

       Spacecoyote deleted his explanation but now I know the secret.
rcarty, Oct 26 2014

       Slaves--I mean "equity partners"--are cheaper.
Spacecoyote, Oct 26 2014

       slaves are expensive have to feed and house them, employees have to feed and house themselves
not_morrison_rm, Oct 26 2014


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