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The MAG Room

Magnetic Assisted Gravity room for training
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A small room, with electromagnets as each wall, ceiling, and floor. The room is voice operated, with several different computer training programs. You walk in with dumbells in each hand, and the walls/floor/ceiling magnets are charged while you train against these magnetic pulls. They have variable strengths, customizable to your needs or desires. Sample Program: The magnets charge on and off randomly and quickly, delivering an unpredictable and exciting workout. One second its pulling from the wall, then from the floor, then another wall, the ceiling, etc. Works all the major and minor muscles. You try and stay in the middle of the room. Or turn the ceiling on "high" and do upside down curls while trying to maintain your balance. You could excercise standing on a wall. Included is a suit with metal fibers woven into it, like a chainmail. Wear it and do side-wall pushups and situps, or practice martial arts in simulated 3x gravity. There would be metal-fused shoes or ankle bracelets for leg workouts.

I wish I had pictures I could show, it would help make more sense.

Flex, Jan 30 2003


       You forgot the crash helmet.
skinflaps, Jan 30 2003

       Please remove all jewelry and ferrous implants before entering the chamber.
oneoffdave, Jan 31 2003

       and hemoglobin
FarmerJohn, Jan 31 2003

       Allow me to hijack your idea. I'm truly sorry, but whenever someone posts an idea too similar too another it gets flamed to a crisp.   

       Option 1 - You wear a chainmail suit and walk into a room with a strong magnetic field, pulling you down. This increases your effective weight in a controllable manner.   

       Option 2 - The room is centrifuged achieving the same.   

       Option 3 - Wear a Nutty Professor fat-suit.   

       NASA and their Russian equivalent have for years struggled to find ways to prevent their people from wasting away in space. Meanwhile, Sumo wrestlers are hugely strong. I figure the extra constant level of effort expended in sitting up, moving around, etc. will make the wearer fantastically strong and he/she'll soon become used to it, exercising without knowing.
FloridaManatee, Apr 11 2003

       Wouldn't this level of radiation fry the person inside the chamber? Incidentally, I think it was French researchers who actually floated a live frog around in a small, *very* powerful magnetic field; it seems that you can indeed sorta apparently negate gravity to that degree if you power up the field enough. I would forgo the free weights altogether--it sounds too close to a Buster Keaton routine, complete with a malevolent orbiting dumbbell getting in a few licks on the back of your head while a negligent personal trainer eats pie in the control room. And the nutty Professor fat suit is a good idea too--simply don't include the fat. Make it a resistance-type suit yes, but more like a wet suit, with smart material that you could adjust the resistance on. And wear your business suits a few sizes larger outside that.
cloudface, Nov 08 2003


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