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Sisyphus Gym

Staying fit is an uphill battle.
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Push a giant ball on an over-sized treadmill. With balls of various weight, and treadmills at various speeds and degrees of inclination, you'll get in shape the high-tech old-fashioned way. Pushing a light ball on a non-inclined treadmill, you can get a nice cardio workout involving both your upper and lower body. Pushing a heavier ball on an inclined treadmill, our trainers will instruct you on various pushing techniques to work and build just about every muscle in your body.
swimswim, Feb 01 2010

sissy squat http://www.exrx.net...s/WTSissySquat.html
aka Sisyphus squat [jaksplat, Feb 01 2010]

Training video http://www.break.co...mill-faceplant.html
Practice makes perfect. Eventually. [swimswim, Feb 27 2010]


       Could be expanded into a Mythological Gym: Scylla & Charybdis rowing machine; Tantalus squats technique; Pelops burgers in the onsite cafe (which is, incidentally, next to the chreche).
calum, Feb 01 2010

       Comes with a weighty incentive to not stop.
RayfordSteele, Feb 01 2010

       Great. You can locate it next to my store, "Prometheus Weight Loss Center".
leinypoo13, Feb 01 2010

       And to enter, you have to pay the ferryman in front of the river; if you refuse, they release the oddly three-headed hounds.
DrWorm, Feb 01 2010

       (+) Doubles as an Indiana Jones trainer when in reverse.   

       They clean out the changing rooms there by diverting the course of a river to run through them. It is rumoured to be a very stable method.
Aristotle, Feb 02 2010

       Weightlifting set sponsored by Atlas.
8th of 7, Feb 02 2010

       The gym should provide daycare services: A Conanesque contraption a group of young tykes rotate whilst chained to the moment arm.   

MikeD, Feb 03 2010

       So simple, yet one of the best Half-Baked ideas Ever. But what's to stop the giant weighted ball from running over you when you get tired? Or is that part of the game? [+]   

Wily Peyote, Feb 04 2010

       //Weightlifting set sponsored by Atlas//   

       Funnily enough, there is a contest called World's Strongest Man that i've seen on tv a few times and there are indeed large stone balls called Atlas Stones for one of the events.
Bad Jim, Feb 04 2010

       As a part of the diet plan a large bird swoops in on your fare of liver and onions.
sub-ob-ject, Mar 01 2010


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