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The Midtown Daytime Dance Club

The Midtown Daytime Dance Club
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Fighting the corporate soul is hard enough but with rotating dancing nights in new york clubs, having a place you know you can go sweat it out in the dark with hard dj's playing would be critical to a new health plan for the manhattan midtown crew.

The place should include locker rooms with showers and the whole nine yards. A super excellent sound system is definitely required.

Floppo, Sep 24 2003

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       Can they have a few Dance Dance Revolution machines, too? I'm so there.
jivetalkinrobot, Sep 24 2003

       Don't bother him, he's only 12 steps away from high score.
krelnik, Sep 24 2003

       Yeah, you're probably right. *strikes a pose and gets down wit his bad self*
jivetalkinrobot, Sep 24 2003


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