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The Multiplier

Higher Scores without Scores of Goals.
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Seeing as the US is poised to take the Germany '06 title in half a year, it seems fitting that this is the time to get more (North) Americans interested in the game. Of course, the number one complaint is always, "the score is too low."

The average American football team scores about three touchdowns a game. Now this might not seem like a lot, but when you multiply that by seven, you get a whopping twenty-one points, plus a field goal or two to boost it up to around twenty-five per game. Coincidently, the National Football League enjoys huge ratings every year.

So I'm proposing every goal in soccer is worth thirteen points. Absolutely nothing else in the rulebook is changed, yet games that were once won by a slim 2-1 margin will now be won by a landslide 26-13 tally. Hopefully this will create more interest in the game.

Cuit_au_Four, Dec 10 2005


       Actually, I grudgingly approve that the bizarre points system of American football does serve a prupose. With so many different ways of scoring points (granted many never used anymore--dropkick anyone?), of so many varying degrees of difficulty, it makes sense that, say, a touchdown is 7 points while a field goal is just 2, to indicate a touchdown is harder to achieve.
5th Earth, Dec 10 2005

       [cuit_au_four]. Soccer (or football as it's called everywhere else in the World), is remarkably popular. Everywhere. Except the US.   

       I see no reason to change the rules to pander to one countries needs.
jonthegeologist, Dec 10 2005

       a field goal is 3.
daseva, Dec 10 2005

       a real goal is 1
po, Dec 10 2005

       So not a mathmatically minded super-hero then?
hidden truths, Dec 10 2005

       Yeah, that's what I was hoping for - this one's a little disappointing.
DrCurry, Dec 11 2005


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