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Vanity Light

Be in the spotlight for a little while, for a price.
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New gizmo for all the fantastically vain regulars of your hip local nightclub/hotspot: you plunk down $20 for your 30 minutes of fame.

You're handed a small disposable infra-red coded emitter, which you place in your hair or on your shoulder. Computer-controlled spotlights stay trained on your emitter no matter where you roam. Be someone famous! Pick your own color or template gel!

The other application I thought of was putting these on all the waitresses so you could figure out where your damn drink was.

koz, Sep 06 2000


       Nice idea.
hippo, Sep 06 2000

       You could also have remote controlled camera recording your every move for posterity - the unpublicized life is not worth living.
Scott_D, Sep 07 2000

       What if too many people pay for this, so that the prestige is lost? (although there would be practical limits, such as ceiling space) Would it be run on a first come, first served basis, or as a service to someone who... buys a lot of drinks? THis could be a whole new way of flirting! "Want to share my spotlight?" I wonder, how expensive would this be to install? Anyway, croissant for a kicky idea!
Rakel, Oct 05 2002

       Limit the number of spotlights that would work with this device, and make people reserve them.
peppina, May 31 2003

       Or get everyone to wear the emitter and witness the birth of a brand new system of disco-lighting
joker_of_the_deck, May 31 2003


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