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Video Body Suit

Body Suit Shows Movies or Whatever
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In The Illustrated Man, Ray Bradbury puts forth the then impossible propositon that tatoos become animated and tell (prophetic)stories.

Recent developments in nano technology, specifically in the creation of buckminsterfullerenes, hold out the promise of ultra-light, super-strong and flexible materials that can be made into everything from elevators into near space and wafer-thin monitors. So how about a body suit monitor so one can walk down the street showing The Godfather or even better, commercials?

Dolophine, Dec 02 2000

Living Tattoo Weight Loss Program http://www.halfbake...ht_20Loss_20Program
A similar idea, only using biotech and adding weight loss potential. [Uncle Nutsy, Dec 02 2000]


       Sorry! But we are pounded with commercials too much now as it is. How about info on how you feel today? That way no one bugs you if your not in the mood.
pss_10, Dec 02 2000

       By that point, we'll be able to set up some sort of neural biofeedback to make a microchip (or whatever equivlent by then) control the picture... you'd be able to doodle whatever patterns you liked! Also has possible applications in camo... the Human Chameleon!
badoingdoing, Dec 03 2000

       You could walk down the street showing a video of somebody thinner / better looking /better dressed / whatever....walking down the street
gardnertoo, Oct 18 2004


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