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The No-Pulp Straw

For those who drink their orange juice without pulp.
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It's Sunday morning at Grandma's house out in the country, and everyone's helped to squeeze some orange juice to go with breakfast. While everyone else happily drinks the juice, little Johnny is sad, because the orange juice is just too full of pulp. The same thing happened when he went to the Pancake Shack. He just can't get orange juice, his favorite, without pulp in it.

...Unless he drinks it with the No Pulp Straw! Now little Johnny can slurp away happily with the rest of the family because of a screen at the bottom of his straw. It stops the pulp from going up the straw, so soon he only has the juice! If the pulp gets stuck, just rub on the bottom of the glass or stir in the glass. With Training Filters, the screens can become less and less tight, and eventually little Johnny might just realize he likes that pulp after all.

While you can buy a dishwasher-safe, reusable pack of five for just $3.99, participating reasturaunts have disposable versions avalible with every juice purchase! Hurry! Order now, and we'll send in a No-Pulp cup set! The cup has a screen that clips on a few centimeters below the edge to stop pulp in its tracks. Just remove the clip-on screen, and throw the pulp away (or add it to Grandma's cup). Another option is the E-Z Clean Screen cups. With the slide-out screen on the bottom (removable for later washing). Just rub the screen of the straw against the screen in the cup to have little Johnny cleaning his straw himself! Take your pick of the two, for free with your straws! Order now!

BouncyPaw, Nov 01 2009


       Or little Johnny could just stretch disposable socks over his straw.   

Answers Questions Unasked, Nov 01 2009

       Or little Johnny could receive the benefit of a sharp smack on the back of a head.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 01 2009

       [21 Quest], looking at your link, it tells me that the straw is "Not intended for any other type of liquids." (Besides water, what it was asdvertising for.)
BouncyPaw, Nov 01 2009

       T'would appear as though filter straws are baked but a search for "orange juice pulp filter straw" has this idea as the first hit.   

       It's bakedness is therefore fiction...
sheer pulp fiction.

       Maybe this is a good alternitave for people that don't want to spend more than ten dollars per straw for a three year old.
BouncyPaw, Nov 02 2009

       [admin: reminder - please don't mark ideas for deletion just because something similar exists outside the halfbakery, unless its existence is widely known. The mfd on this post would be invalid even if the links directly implemented the poster's invention.]
jutta, Nov 17 2009

       "This is the last straw Johnny! Drink your #@%* juice!"
outloud, Nov 17 2009

       I was not happy with this idea until you mentioned the training straws. Still - there are people who don't like pulp?   

       Filters intended for water may clog up too easily. The tea one might work though - I haven't followed the link.
caspian, Nov 18 2009

       I would just pour mine into a French press and use the screen meant for grounds to strain my morning delight. That is, if I wasn't so fond of chewing my orange juice.
bdag, Nov 18 2009


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