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The Nocturnal Channel (TNC)

Shows daytime shows during the night.
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It's hard to find good programs to watch on late-night TV. Mostly there are just 70's sitcom reruns and infomercials.

There should be a channel (or a group of them) that put the good stuff on after midnight, and the infomercials and crappy shows on during the day. The first network to do this will probably make a fortune in this niche business.

Thank you.

phundug, Dec 16 2008


       Many years ago, there used to be a programme on at around 3-4am called "Job Finder" - I just loved the implicit suggestion in that.
zen_tom, Dec 16 2008

       Nocturnal Transmissions.
fridge duck, Dec 16 2008

       What kind of Jam?
gnomethang, Dec 16 2008

       //It's hard to find good programs to watch on late-night TV//

<Suggested edit> It's hard to find good programs on TV.
DrBob, Dec 16 2008

       I'd suggest time-shifting with a DVR, but as DrBob has pointed out, you won't have much luck with daytime or evening programming. [+] for suggesting that the network put something watchable on, at any time.
Noexit, Dec 16 2008

       As a long-time user of Late-Night TV, I have to bone this, sorry. There's a lot of physical stress working an off-shift; nobody needs something that's really captivating at 3:30am... "I Love Lucy" is the perfect background for doing the dishes/laundry.   

       Besides... PVR's.
FlyingToaster, Dec 16 2008


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