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Tree for all Seasons

An ongoing sculpture project
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A good way to get kids or even adults involved in art in the community. It's an indoor clay tree sculpture a couple feet in height (maybe for a theatre foyer, or a town hall), made by loads of different groups in the community, which changes its appearance with every season (the sculpture, not the community). The leaves are made by one group and have little holes in them through which the slim branch endings are 'threaded', and are in place for summer. They are leaves from different sorts of trees, to represent diversity. The buds are made by another group, and are affixed like the leaves, and are only in place for spring. For autumn, there are brown leaves. For winter there are none. It's simple, but beautiful when put in place, and everyone who makes a leaf can put their initials on the back - that way, everyone can point out their own leaves to their families and friends. This is my first idea on the site, so don't trash me too harshly.
bookends, Jun 05 2005

Blumster's suggestion could get expensive. http://www.cnn.com/.../armstrong.hair.ap/
[AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 06 2005]

Fake Plastic Trees Fake_20Plastic_20Trees
by calum, shameless self publicist. Could be incorporated with this idea, to produce a community physical and performance art piece. [calum, Jun 06 2005]


       I like it. Welcome to the Halfbakery!
froglet, Jun 05 2005

       ///This is my first idea on the site, so don't trash me too harshly.///   

       Apparently the HB's reputation precedes it.   

       When I originally saw the title, I thought that this was some kind of way to meld different trees to each other such that it has a very long season (each part blooming in succesion if a capable gardener were put in charge.)   

       I like it anyway. [+]   

       One more suggestion: The roots of the tree should be made out of the locks of hair of historical figures. Gross.
Blumster, Jun 05 2005

       I like this! Children would learn it's ok to integrate and CREATE something with kids from other communities.
Pericles, Jun 06 2005

       Nice! +
bristolz, Jun 06 2005

       I hope they weren't all 'sympathy for newbie' votes, but even if they were, don't croissants taste so good?
bookends, Jun 06 2005

       //'sympathy for newbie' votes// that sounds like a whole new idea all in its self.
Susan, Jun 06 2005

       Try the taste of this fishbone then.
zeno, Jun 06 2005

       I'm good with this, a little similar to edit: [Calum]'s fake tree, will have to look it up. +
dentworth, Jun 06 2005

       Great idea for a Primary School or similar.
Sympathy for the newbie: "Please allow me to introduce myself....".
gnomethang, Jun 06 2005

       I love the taste of newbies in the morning.   

       (just another quote, [bookends] can take it, I know it)
zeno, Jun 06 2005

krelnik, Jun 06 2005

       Okay, now, I've been here for a while, but how the hell is a newbie supposed to know what WTAGIPBAN means?
bookends, May 11 2006

       Wasn't That A Great Idea Posted By A Newbie.
It is a response to an assertion of some sort regarding newbies and their posts, and also a track of the refutation.
Still a good idea, too!.
gnomethang, May 11 2006

       It's a Zen state, [bookends].
If you seek you shall not find it.
methinksnot, May 11 2006

       Can the leaves be attached with little magnets? The magnets would attach to metal on the tree. The metal would be one pole of the core of an electromagnet. After some period of time, the electromagnets will be indivually activated (with first one polarity then the opposite) to drop the leaves. I have no idea why that appeals to me, but it does.
half, May 11 2006

       I like that [half]. Can I suggest that, rather than inverting the polarity, the power be gradually reduced making the leaves drop one by one. Biomimicry collaborative sculpture for amateurs.
methinksnot, May 11 2006

       Thank you, [snot].   

       In using electromagnets with ferrous cores and magnets on the leaves, I hoped the leaves would hold without using power. Power would be needed only to drop the leaves (I'm very cheap, er, efficiency minded). Essentially, it would push the leaves off as opposed to letting them go.   

       Admittedly, I've never tried this, but I assume it could work with the proper magnets and if the magnets don't flip around too quickly and grab the electromagnet again.   

       The two polarity hits were so that one of them would be opposite to the pole of the attached magnet thus repelling it and dropping the leaf (without any fancy polarity detection circuitry -- I'm lazy, er, efficency minded).   

       (I've slightly altered the previous annotation for clarity.)
half, May 11 2006

       Very nice idea.
dbmag9, Oct 25 2006


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