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The Phallic Game

The most uncomfortable word game you'll ever play!
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The point of this game is simply to see how many times you can use the word "phallic" or "phallus" in a conversation without being called on your bullshit. Note to those who don't know what the word means; look it up. I will not tell you what it means, suffice to say that it is hilarious and dangerous. Use it in a natural manner, i.e:"Ah, are those bannanas? No food is more phallic than bannanas!" or "Damn, man! Youre grabbing that steering wheel like a phallus!", or my personal favorite:"You know that hat makes you look quite phallic my man!" Best played around: evangelists, homophobes, and pseudo-intellectuals. Never play around: penal systems, violent evangelists, homophobes, and pseudo-intellectuals.
The Jolly Misanthrope, Jun 23 2005


       very old party game.
po, Jun 23 2005

       sp. penile systems
zen_tom, Jun 23 2005

       All round my phallic hat I will wear the greenie willow
All round my phallic hat for a year and a day
And if anyone should question me the reason for my wearing it
I tell them my own true love is ten thousand miles away
po, Jun 23 2005

The Jolly Misanthrope, Jun 23 2005

       What does "phallus" mean, anyway?
bristolz, Jun 23 2005

       /Note to those who don't know what the word means; look it up. I will not tell you what it means, suffice to say that it is hilarious and dangerous./
The Jolly Misanthrope, Jun 23 2005

       But I don't really know how to look things up so why don't you just tell me? Be kind. Be jolly, even.
bristolz, Jun 23 2005

       Ha ha phallic.
Texticle, Jun 23 2005

       phallic good: ithyphallic better
DenholmRicshaw, Jun 23 2005

       As phallus I know, we phallus who hang at the HB would not let our vocabularies phall us so far as to not know the meaning of phallus.   

       But to help edify [bristolz], whom I know is new here, I quote the OED:   

       Phallus 2. Bot. A genus of gasteromycetous fungi, so called from their shape; of which one species, P. impudicus, is the common stink-horn. 1953 J. RAMSBOTTOM Mushrooms & Toadstools xvi. 182 A violet-scented Phallus would certainly be exceptional.
bungston, Jun 23 2005

       Thank you. I thought it was a mushroom but wasn't sure.   

       In light of that information, I am a bit confused about the gist of the idea, though.
bristolz, Jun 23 2005

       Perhaps if the game were played around mycologists it might make more sense?
DenholmRicshaw, Jun 23 2005

       [Misanthrope] just wants to be a fun gi.
bungston, Jun 23 2005

       another fun phallic (the fleshy and copulative definition instead of the fungus one) quotes could be "you've got the microphone so close to your lips you'd think it was a phallus"   

       "Those new jeans are giving you quite a phallic presentation."   

       //But to help edify [bristolz], whom I know is new here...//
And how can one not know how to look things up? Is bristolz new to the internet? Type phallus into google and see what shows up. Better yet: do an image search and see what "comes up." heh (And for the record I knew what a phallus was before I came here)(and I am also new to this site)

       My mom helps me with the internet but she wasn't here to help me with looking this up. Sorry to insult your extra superior abilities and know how by my lowly presence.
bristolz, Jun 24 2005

       I'm telling you bris, beware the mighty "TAO", she/he is out to bring us down.   

       Oh, and mushrooms with gist, are deadly, bris. Na Na Na Na Na...Na, told you so, you silly mooderator.
blissmiss, Jun 24 2005

       bris, should you really be up this late with all these dodgy characters?
po, Jun 24 2005

       // beware the mighty "TAO", she/he is out to bring us down.//   

       I'm not out to bring anybody down. I wasn't trying to be offensive, I just thought it would be funny if 'bristolz' actually searched for it. Forgive me.   

       And I don't know if I like being refered to as a "she/he" but the mighty can stay.   

       So the aim is to talk about mushrooms until someone complains? Can you use other mushroom names too?
david_scothern, Jun 24 2005

       //"she/he"//how are we meant to know you are a girl?
po, Jun 24 2005

       Hah-ha-ha [TJM] said a rude word. Bone.
//Damn, man! Youre grabbing that steering wheel like a phallus// Strange steering wheel.
coprocephalous, Jun 24 2005

       Yeah, and if you play it with the wrong people, you're shafted.
coprocephalous, Jun 24 2005

       The author must be a real fun guy at parties.
waugsqueke, Jun 24 2005

       yeah, hilarious and dangerous
dentworth, Jun 24 2005

       Yeah, I get killed all the time at parties. Sometimes by phallus, which is unpleasent.
The Jolly Misanthrope, Jun 24 2005

       You're phallic and you can't get up?
theircompetitor, Jun 24 2005

       For all the bones, it would seem we are enjoying [jolly's] little game. I also think it would be helpful if the user profile would describe the various things a user did or didn't know, so we would not impugn the pugny and lowly among us, even if they do have helpful moms.
bungston, Jun 24 2005

       Ah, I have taken your suggestion [bungston], and have now removed almost everything from my profile so it will serve as a better gauge.
bristolz, Jun 24 2005


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