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The Toby Keith Game

This only works in or around the Bible Belt, but it gets a hell of a reaction if done properly.
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This works best in a pub or diner with at least one(preferably more) other player(s). Simply say to your freind;"Hey, did you see on CNN this morning about Toby Keith? He had a press conference in which he came out of the closet!" Freind;"Yeah, I heard. You know I was never really a fan of him before, but that was pretty brave." And just take turns using improv from there. Try to keep it beleivable but outrageous at the same time. Also it is important to say these things loud enough so as the people around you can hear it, because their reactions are the key to this game. Game ends whe a redneck shoots you.
The Jolly Misanthrope, Jun 23 2005

Toby Keith http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toby_Keith
Wears a hat and sings country songs about America. Consequently, the entire of the rest of the world has no idea whatsoever about who the fuck Toby Keith is. [calum, Jun 24 2005]


       Ha ha Toby Keith being gay.   

       1st class comedy.
Texticle, Jun 23 2005

       Do you figure you'll find something to post other than "Something Clever I Recently Said In a Pub, Installment 3"?
jutta, Jun 24 2005

       No. Being clever towards drunks is the extend of my wit and ingenuity, and I'll be damned if I broaden my horizons for anybody! Besides Toby Keith is a narrow-minded demgogue who pedals his jingoistic dogma-tunes to anybody weak minded enough to be enveloped in his neoconservative propaganda. He should be teased more than he is. You may think you know me but you dont know me!
The Jolly Misanthrope, Jun 24 2005


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