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Three-Dimensional Crossword Puzzle

Like regular puzzle, but with “back” in addition to across and down
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Clues are given for an additional dimension – “back,” or whatever you want to call it. For example, the answer to one across is “cot.” The answer to one down is “cure.” The answer to one back is “custard.” Other words going across and down branch of off that answer. And so on.

It’s hard (for me) to imagine what this looks like – a plastic box, I suppose, with a three-dimensional grid in it. I guess it would probably be better realized with a computer program than a physical embodiment

snarfyguy, Aug 28 2001

Bloxword http://www.bloxword.ca/bloxword.htm
"The web's first 3D crossword" [egnor, Aug 28 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

3d scrabble http://www.onlinesp...dex.php?session_id=
an online java game [neilp, Mar 19 2005]

3D Crosswords (PDFs) http://www.calendarpuzzles.co.uk
Sirius's link as a link. [jutta, Sep 17 2008]


       How'd it work?
egnor, Aug 28 2001

       So thaaaaaaaat's RSVP.
thumbwax, Aug 28 2001

       How about crosswords in 4 dimensions? Letters in the same box would make a word over time (the unit being one day). It would be tricky to do and would require each day's crossword to be linked to previous ones and ones in the future, it would also mean that the layout of black/white squares would have to change more slowly. Eg if "1. (forward in time) a thick, yellow, egg-based dessert (7)" then square 1. would need to be a blank square for the next seven days etc.
stupop, Aug 28 2001

       RSVP, huh? Interesting. I imagined the depth dimension would be more pronounced, i.e., to the same degree the two standard dimensions are, so that it would be as deep as it is long and wide. A cube shape would take advantage of the extra dimension in a deeper (sorry) way than merely having letters on both sides of a tile, which, as you point out, is a Scrabble variant, whereas this is a crossword puzzle variant.   

       Perhaps my original description was fuzzy.
snarfyguy, Aug 28 2001

       Roger that, except that I don't know how to do it. But thanks!
snarfyguy, Aug 29 2001

       Why couldn't you make a physical version much like a 3-D Connex (sp?) so that as opposed to writing the answer, you drop the letters in?   

       Yes, there are logistical problems, but since when isn't the halfbakery rife with them?   

       BTW; stupop: howabout making it in 4 physical dimensions? A hypercube crossword :) (Look up "MAGIC CUBE 4D" for a fun visualization)
JackandJohn, Feb 10 2003

       ah, 3D scrabble (see link).
neilp, Mar 19 2005

       I was delighted to find this page full of wacky ideas. You can find the first suite of wacky 3D crosswords on the net at www.calendarpuzzles.co.uk They are free to download. But be careful! They can drive you bonkers - barking in fact - which explains why I am in the doghouse at home Sirius2008
Sirius2008, Sep 17 2008

       yeah... keep that shit outta here (Sirius). Anyway 3D adds very little to a C/W or scrabble. With the assistance of a computer 3D scrabble could be playable. Unless the puzzle is devilish hard having multiple points of references actually makes a C/W easier IMHO.
WcW, Sep 18 2008


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