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The Pick-Up Party KeyRing

Get Drunk, Dont Fumble With Your Phone But Get That Persons Number
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When you go out to partys, most people like to have a few drinks and sometimes you find a person who you wouldent mind catching up with in a few days. Alcohol does make it difficult to fumble around with your phone to put in a number or just remember in the morning that you have it. Well what happens if on your keyRing you had a small device that looked like a LED torch but used infered to swap a persons details? all you would do is pull it out and hold it up to the other person device then hold down the button on both and it would swap your details with the other persons. you would have have your name, number, suberb and maybe a picture with a list of intrestes and hobbies. You would up load this infomation via your computer and when you had some ones details you could view it on your computer or even on your phone if it have infered. this devices would be small and have only limited memory and no LCD displey or anything to make sure they stay at a resonable price. The could even come in diffrent colors and shapes to match a persons personality. They could also be used as business cards so business people wouldent have to worry about cards they could use there devices to swap virtual business cards. Somthing like this would have great potential i think.
ShadowFire666, Dec 23 2005


       I thought the problem of getting drunk and identifying someone you wouldn't mind catching up with in a few days, was that you are drunk. You're probably better off losing that phone number!   

       P.S. This is how the business card synching works for Palms and any phone capable of synching with them. Couldn't be that difficult to program a one touch gizmo to do that thing.
DrCurry, Dec 23 2005

       Nothing wrong with a cell phone or a pda. This small little key chain thing seems too...small
drummer37, Dec 24 2005

       PS DrCurry you baked me and my christmaslight idea.
drummer37, Dec 24 2005

       good idea... I was thinking that instead of infrared which has to be initiated for the send/recieve, you could incorporate the 'tap' technology used by some banks and merchants that basically transmits your information by just making a quick physical connection with a receiver. Just tap your keychains together, info is transmitted, two ways, that's that. Also, an LCD isn't going to drive the price up too much, you wouldn't need anything bigger than some of those tiny cheapo MP3 players out there...
Jkolmar, Dec 25 2005

       yet another tap contact technology that gives you cancer...
bristolz, Dec 25 2005

       I agree. When you are too impaired to write a number down, you are probably too impared to determine whether this is someone that you REALLY want to catch up with later.
Jscotty, Dec 27 2005

       What's wrong with your spelling [shadow]?   

       Oh, I see. You were drunk.
Pericles, Dec 28 2005

       I always carry a fine point marker, and there's plenty of skin to write on. Wait...I'm happily married, never mind.
moPuddin, Dec 30 2005

       This is a really great idea until ten companies start making them and making them incompatible. I think i've met about two people who can accept biz cards from my phone.. useless. Bun.
Ponies for Parties, Dec 30 2005

       Sounds like the "ident" from Clarke's 3001. It's microchip implanted in the palm which automatically exchanges personal data when in close proximity to another. It takes advantage of a common greeting gesture.
Aq_Bi, Dec 30 2005


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