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Swap NASA and NSA

Use typo strategy to fund space exploration
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So close -- I constantly mistake stories about one for the other on the myriad news feeds I follow. And here we are delegated to russkies carrying our supplies to the Space Station while the muskies are getting their act together.

A "strong suggestion" to the NASA administrators -- just start submitting your budget requests by "accidentally" dropping the first "A" in your agency name -- things will go much easier.

theircompetitor, Aug 28 2015


       And if the NRA accidentally called itself the IRA...
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 28 2015

       This would explain all the brightly colored moire' patterns reported by students at that university in Louisiana.
normzone, Aug 28 2015

       This is a solid idea and I think it would work.
DIYMatt, Aug 31 2015

       Swap? No, no, no - absorb. If Congress wants to fund the NSA, they'll have to give the money to NASA, and then let the spy-boys fight their way through internal budget proposals.   

       (Give them big chunks of time on the Deep Space Network for their spying.   

       "All I can hear is f*&$#*g Voyager!" "Good! Can you clear up the signal some?")
lurch, Aug 31 2015

       Ted Cruz already wants to drop the "A" from NASA. When it was explained to him, by a senior NASA official, that part of their mission is Aeronautics, which is why climate change is kinda their business, he said he thinks most people expect them to just focus on space. So the Republicans are totally on board with this, they just don't realize it.
21 Quest, Aug 31 2015


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