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Stolen car database

Type in any license number on the internet, find out if car is stolen.
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Very do-able internet project. Anyone, anywhere, can type in the license plate number of a car they suspect could be stolen and instantly find out if they are right. The database could even include the owners email address in and you could send him an email: Your car has a cracked windshield and missing hubcap. Some teenager left it here after his joyride. Come and get it.
maniac4, Jul 23 2003

(?) UK Stolen Cars http://www.ukstolencars.co.uk/
The original and number one public database for stolen cars. [cddiment, Oct 21 2004]


       Law enforcement has this.
waugsqueke, Jul 23 2003

       ...but not for the general public. (+) As long as it doesn't list names or details of the owner.
silverstormer, Jul 23 2003

       It would work for about 27 minutes, then someone would rig a script to input every possible combination for each state.
phoenix, Jul 23 2003

       // but not for the general public. //   

       General public doesn't need it. If you think a car is stolen, report it to the police and let them handle it.
waugsqueke, Jul 23 2003

       Is it illegal to steal a stolen car?
DeathNinja, Jul 23 2003

       My thought exactly. Noble idea, but it would very quickly become a database of cars about to be stolen for a second time.
egbert, Jul 24 2003

       I thought of this idea a few years ago when friends were getting their cars stolen. I didnt hang about, I actually created the web site. Some of the against comments here have been addressed, and it's still going very well, though many people have already stolen the idea. In fact I wont say who but one has even stolen the rough layout and even my actual images.. Anyway,check out http://www.ukstolencars.co.uk to see it working!
cddiment, Nov 04 2003

       all you could look up is stolen licence plates, with this service
SystemAdmin, Nov 04 2003

       Yanks have been doing this for a couple of years now. Impressive website. They actually pay folks for helping to find the car.   

pat2, Feb 16 2004


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