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The Real Lightsaber

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This Saber Tooth Tiger shaped and colored plastic hydrogen filled balloon suspends a penlight beneath that illuminates the balloon. At night, turn on the penlight and let go (outdoors of course). Not only is it a lightsaber, it’s a lightsaber.

And for those with an affinity for projectiles – it makes for a spectacular 'lightsaber' show.

Shz, Mar 13 2003

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       Didn’t mean ta freak ya out there [bliss]. There is some creepy humor embedded here, as you’ve cleverly discovered.
Shz, Mar 13 2003

       Laughter ad lithium.... here's some bread for the killer kitty!
brenna, Mar 13 2003

       We did this with some silver helium balloons and a penlight, creates quite a realistic ufo.
Gulherme, Mar 14 2003


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