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The Review Channel

All Reviews. All the time.
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8-9AM Movie Reviews 9-10AM Website Reviews 10-11AM Book Reviews 11AM-12PM Product Reviews 12-1PM Music Reviews 1-2PM Travel Reviews

Etc. Etc. Etc.....Nothing but reviews....

thefullrob, Mar 11 2005


       Probably get good viewership, too. One thing that might make people prefer web delivery of reviews is the linear delivery of common TV.
bristolz, Mar 11 2005

       I could see it working, but only for the chronically bored since it would be difficult to keep track of what was being reviewed when.
k_sra, Mar 11 2005

       I think it's a good idea, but sadly enough, I'm sure that it would turn into reviews of reviews, and then game shows, and then reality shows, and eventually we would just have another MTV. All TV, no M. [+]
contracts, Mar 11 2005

       All I know is that if the Tennis Channel, Golf Channel, and Knitting Channel can survive...this probably can too. Plus, I think people would watch based on the type of media that is being reviewed rather than exactly what specific book or movie is reviewed.
thefullrob, Mar 11 2005

       reviewed by whom?
reviews only work if the viewer has the same taste as the reviewer.
brodie, Mar 11 2005

       Part of the reviews are descriptions, which are rich enough to attract viewers based on the information that is included about each topic. Viewers can always check other reviewers' opinions on sites like Metacritic.com (which happens to be my favorite review site).
thefullrob, Mar 11 2005


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