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The Surfing Channel

You don't even need a remote
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Enter your entertainment selections for the evening and the TV starts showing the downloaded or streamed shows, interleaved: switching from current to next program at the end of a scene.

For newcomers to the sport, set the A.D.D. dial to a lower setting for longer segments.

FlyingToaster, Apr 10 2017


       Will it avoid most of the advertisements? If it knew when the adds would be shown, it could playback other stuff prerecorded from another channel.   

       Some channels I might want to kill forever like say a channel that only shows surfing movies.
popbottle, Apr 10 2017

       Isn't this already doable with current gadgetry?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 10 2017

       It's a bit futuristic, granted : today's TV network broadcasts embed break notifications in the stream for affiliates to time their own commercials properly.   

       But, at the network, or when a station does its own broadcast, say of a movie, there's a person who runs through the tape first, marking out breakpoints and inserting commercials.   

       This presupposes that a program has had all its breakpoints (storyline, not just commercials) digitally mapped out.   

       [pop] The idea's for a cable provider or streaming site's "virtual channel", so commercials wouldn't get filtered out, but there could be some leeway in their presentation as well: f'rinstance single commercials every few minutes, or a whole bunch every hour'ish.
FlyingToaster, Apr 10 2017

       When I saw the title of this Idea, I had two interpretations. One was about a channel devoted to the sport of surfing various water waves (probably exists somewhere). The other was a channel that automatically displayed all the other channels, say 1 minute for each before switching channels.   

       It's nice to see that the actual Idea was different from both of those. Good show!
Vernon, Apr 10 2017


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