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The Sandman Channel

Rock-a-bye, and good night
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I don't know about you, but whenever I'm on the road and at a hotel by myself, I never get a lick of sleep because there are too many interesting shows on late at night. (I don't have cable at home, so I go a bit nuts with the remote...) Sophisticated talk shows! Action movies! News debates! Sports reruns! Comedies! Cooking! One flows into the other, and next thing I know it's 5 AM.

I need a nice, dull, relaxing channel with dark pictures, soothing music, and boring talk, that will encourage me to settle down and go to sleep already. Maybe with bedtime stories and lullabyes. Reassuring news. ("Don't worry, everything's all right.") Maybe some guided relaxation/visualization exercises.

The Sandman Channel. Brought to you by Ambien.

smendler, Feb 22 2013

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[DrCurry, Feb 24 2013]

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       I watch The Golf Channel when I want to sleep. All that whispering is comforting, in a strange, cozy way. But I also watch it when I'm looking for something entertaining, as I love golf, so there you go.
blissmiss, Feb 22 2013

       Even if there was such a channel, how can you be sure you would watch it, when there are all those other highly interesting channels to watch?
Vernon, Feb 23 2013

       I find old TV shows work. The repetetive intro and outro music, quiet talking, and pauses between sentences for long establishing shots put me right to sleep. The best sleep I've ever gotten was during a marathon of Get Smart...
DIYMatt, Feb 24 2013

       ^"Get Sleep"
AusCan531, Feb 24 2013

       "Quantum Sheep"
FlyingToaster, Feb 24 2013

       Try a foreign film with subtitles in white that you can't read against the background of the movie.
xandram, Feb 24 2013

RayfordSteele, Feb 25 2013


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