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Stack Scanner

Scans paper with a similar paper feed as a printer.
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Many people in "the workplace" have an issue with needing to store what seems to be an endlessly growing pile of useless documents.

It has been said that in order to properly file these documents one would need to devote themselves entirely to this single task, which is a far too great an opportunity cost in the business world.

Instead, load your stack of useless documents into the Stack Scanner turn it on and watch as it rapidly reduces your stack of reciepts, rough copies, and memos into image files and then shredded confetti.

The image files are organized in order of their scan and by the day of their scan on your hard-drive. To locate a file may be difficult, but not any more difficult than finding a piece of paper with an image of a needle on it in an unorganized stack of papers. Simply remember if it was on the top or the bottom of the pile on a given day to refine your search.

The confetti is aimed at a nearby wastebasket - or into the air, or the face of your manager, on the day of your dismissal.

cuckoointherye, Jan 28 2005

Inspiration. The idea was mentioned but overlooked for a manual method. Paper_20file_20compression
I like apples. [cuckoointherye, Jan 28 2005]

I, too, like apples. http://www.epson.co...canners/GT30000.htm
[shapu, Jan 28 2005]


       I think the technology in document feeding scanners is pretty much the same as that in laser-printers, photo-copiers and facsimile transmittal devices.   

       Now, if you could make a scanner that works like the feed on a dot matrix printer . . .
contracts, Jan 28 2005

       Baked? I'll delete...
cuckoointherye, Jan 28 2005

       I think this would stand on its own - it's a novel combination of existing technologies to solve a problem.   

       A note, though: It might be a huge boon if, in addition to scanning, this could utilize an OCR script to create a searchable index, that would be tied to these particular image files via some database. For example, it would utilize the first, say, 3 inches of a document, and keep that information. So if you want to find a copy of a letter from John to you, just search for John's name, and you'll find everything related to it, and the image files of each.   

       I happen to like it. Massive scanning operations roxors my soxors, or whatever the kids say these days.   

       EDIT: Oooh...wait. Sorry, but Epson makes one that does 30 ppm. It doesn't shred, though, so you've got it there.
shapu, Jan 28 2005


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