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The Security Bra

A bra opened by thumb print!
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Ok, the bra opens between the breasts, not on the back, and there is a small print reading device clasp. Only prints that are programed into the clasp, to put it on, you just snap in together, but to remove it you must put your thumbprint on the pad, and it will release. The wearer can also put approved prints in it at will, you simply have the person you want to have access to your breasts put their thumb ont he pad, then put your own on it, approving it!

Also, if some on you do not want to BE with wants to take off your bra, simply place your index finger on the pad (the index is programmed as a fail-safe) and the bra will not close until a remote (at home) is pressed into the device.

Also, same technology can be put into a pair of panties or thong.

Weirdo55, Feb 24 2004

Intelligence test bra http://www.halfbake...igence_20test_20bra
[hippo, Oct 04 2004]

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       Elastic? Stretch? You are obviously not a woman or spent much time with one. A bra can easily be lifted off 'what they are supporting' and be removed over the head without unclasping. And, if a woman is down to her bra, why would she not want someone to take her bra off?   

       Added://Also, if some on you do not want to BE with wants to take off your bra, simply place your index finger// In their eye? Or, your knee in his groin? Can you say "rape"?
Klaatu, Feb 24 2004

       klaatu you obviously are a woman or have been with one lol. Weirdo probably has never seen a bra in real life. Weirdo has anyone ever called you a weirdo? If you really wanted a device like this you'd need to make the bras out of kevlar and titanium wiring. And the thong would have to have a titanium cable for the string lol. This is very funny. Why not have a retnal scanner so when a guy looks at the bra it will unlock and come off automaticly, that sure hell would impress me! So if a girl has a crush on a guy then she can program his retnal signature into the bras so it will automaticly sling off as soon as he lies contact on the unexposed bra!
JoeLounsbury, Feb 24 2004

       [JL] the answer is the latter. Feel free to see my picture on my website in my profile.   

       I like the idea of the retinal scan. I can imagine...out for the evening...her dress is low cut...I glance across the room and my eyes fall upon her cleavage...suddenly, her bra falls off and she screams. Everyone in the room looks over to her. she is bright red with embarassment. Yeah!   

       Would be more fun than remote controlled eggs. (You'll have to provide you own link for that one)
Klaatu, Feb 24 2004

       A keypad that could take a four digit pin for those who can't afford biometrics.

A credit card reader for co-eds working their way through med school.
1st2know, Feb 24 2004

       "Do you take Carte Blanche?"   

       What buttons would you push to enter your PIN?
Klaatu, Feb 24 2004

       9009 <read upside down>
1st2know, Feb 24 2004

       "I am VERY sorry! It sure LOOKED like a button to me...?"
Klaatu, Feb 24 2004


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