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Carry a tank and lift breasts with it
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Imagine a cubic fish tank about half a meter in length. Attach to it a frame such that it sits about a meter above the ground. (adjustable) Add motorized wheels to the frame at the bottom. Put a hole with a gasket in the bottom of the tank part. Push your head up into it from the bottom. Shape it so your arms can fit out through two new holes, also with (very flexible) gaskets. You are now wearing a fish tank around your bust. Fill the tank with water and your breasts will comfortably float.
Voice, Jan 08 2022


       Up next, the watercoat for portly gentlemen.
Voice, Jan 08 2022

       How does this dream usually end?
pertinax, Jan 08 2022

       The old man stands up, screams "Never!" and pours the entire mug of molten gold into the river.
Voice, Jan 08 2022

       A fine offering. Extra croissant fragment awarded.
xenzag, Jan 08 2022

       Alternatively, use helium filled breast implants to achieve the same floaty effect with the added advantage of being able to feel the wind on your mamories should you so desire, similar effect could be achieved with a small flotilla of drones flying just above your head & bungy cords attached to your bra suspending your melons somewhat hammock like.
Skewed, Jan 08 2022

       What species of fish?
pocmloc, Jan 08 2022

       //How does this dream usually end?//   

       Wet dreams?
AusCan531, Jan 08 2022

       The frame might need something better than motorised wheels at the bottom, if the wearer is not to be stuck at the bottom of the first staircase along with all the daleks. Perhaps little tank tracks would be appropriate to support a tank?
pertinax, Jan 08 2022

       Before I give this a bun for being very halfbaked, I must know if this goes under your clothing or over your clothing! both might present problems…
xandram, Jan 08 2022

       I envisioned it as over clothing. You could also use it as clothing I suppose.
Voice, Jan 08 2022

       //if the wearer is not to be stuck at the bottom of the first staircase along with all the daleks//   

       So it's very impractical, which makes it feminine. Bonus!
Voice, Jan 08 2022

       ah../use it as clothing/ ok if it has black water in it + no fish in mine please…too ticklish!
xandram, Jan 08 2022

       Instead of dying the water you could cover the outside of the tank. Although semi-opacity in depth would be a color option never before seen. Light scattering as a new dimension of color. Ooh, how about a lava lamp bra?
Voice, Jan 08 2022

       I really think that this idea needs to be extended in a kind of cubist fashion to include knickers and hats. Wearers would then be encased in three separate clear water-filled cuboids at crown of head, chest and loins (gentlemen could wear only the first and last). Clothing would be tailored to be body-fitting between the cuboids but to be seamed and fitted around the water tanks.
pocmloc, Jan 08 2022

       "We all float down here Richie..."   

       //it's very impractical, which makes it feminine.//   


       I used to struggle to understand fashion, and this comment encapsulates my confusion.
Loris, Jan 08 2022


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