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The Setup Wizard

Who ya gonna call?
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"I must admit", said one satisfied customer, that I was a little surprised the first time it happened, but the service was marvellous"
Just one of the many, many, happy customers of Merlin Inc.'s fantastic new software product, "The Setup Wizard". Install our software on your home computer (The last time you'll have to do that!) and it will intercept any future setup or installation that you need to do.
Press the button that says "Use setup wizard" - within ten seconds, a small man in a cape and pointy hat, with a box of tools and a can-do attitude will arrive at your door. Leave everything to him. Installation is a breeze - as he's telepathic, you don't even need to answer the questions for configuration, or ask him what to do - he knows already! And if it doesn't work, then he can call upon a bit of the black arts to put things right!
He'll disappear in a flash (literally) leaving you with your new software safely installed (even with Microsoft products!!).
And how do we get to you so quickly? Why magic of course!
And if it's hardware you need just call us on 1-800-Wizard, it's as simple as that! (no need to tell us what you need, we already know).

Merlin Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Camelot Enterprises. No unauthorised use of wizards for any service other than computer hardware and software installation is allowed under the contract. Any magic performed at the customer's home is entirely at the owners risk.

P..S. Whasn't sure whether this was computer tech support or superhero...

goff, Jul 01 2004

And when the thing crashes... http://www.halfbake...ea/PC_20Witchdoctor
/ faithhealer / exorcist [RayfordSteele, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       [marked-for-del... naah can't do that even though the idea uses Magic
engineer1, Jul 01 2004

       //even with Microsoft products//
I've had few problems with MS stuff, but if this guy can get MySQL installed on my home PC so that it actually blanking well works, I promise not to [m-f-d] this.
angel, Jul 01 2004

       Well then, [engineer1], I'll do it for you...
Freefall, Jul 01 2004

       seriously though a good setup wizard in a program that could id various components and settings and react accordingly, like identifying the two CD roms fitted to my PC and being able to complete the install without having to change CDs etc.
engineer1, Jul 01 2004

       angel: I got it working on mine (but I forget precisely how).
DrCurry, Jul 01 2004

       Freefall, I disagree. The magic isn't the main part of the idea, and anyway, it's a bit of fun. Just taking the Mickey out of MS and it's "Setup Wizards" which only tend to obfiscate and complicate the process (case in point, setup wizard for frontpage discussion board - do you want this to replace your existing homepage - answer No, what does it do, but wipes the existing homepage). I knew I should have put it in superheroes - magic doesn't count when superheroes are concerned. Or Wizards for that matter. And if it keeps collecting mfds then I'll remove the magic - it'll still work.
Where's the sense of humour gone in this place?
goff, Jul 01 2004


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