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Tie Fighter

In the hands of some, bad ties just look ugly. In *his* hands, a bad tie is a potent weapon.
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Does the name not sum it all up? Like Wonder Woman, Tie Fighter uses a tie as a lassoo. Like the Green Goblin, he throws not pumpkins that burst into a dozen whirling blades, but a cravat that showers forth spinning bow ties. Like Mr. T, he has a plethora of the darn things hanging around his neck at all times.

Superman may have been stronger, but where deportment and grooming count, Tie Fighter wins hands down.

Needa Moeba, Aug 20 2003

Glutton for punishment http://www.geocitie..._wax/tiefighter.htm
[thumbwax, Oct 17 2004]

Pootie Tang http://images.allpo...otietang_2sided.jpg
Black Belt in Belt Fighting [thumbwax, Oct 17 2004]


       I guess it must glow in the dark, right?
Zimmy, Aug 20 2003

       And his arch nemesis, Captain Clip-on!
friendlyfire, Aug 20 2003

       <groan>Thai Frighter : A Bad Green Curry.</groan>
nichpo, Aug 20 2003

       Tie Fighter was the original member of Stripe Force before he left the fold in a clash with Loud Houndstooth and Dread Knot over Paisley Girl. Tie Fighter was last spotted by Barbecue Sauce Man.
wombat, Aug 20 2003

       And he shoots Arrow shirts with his bow tie.
FarmerJohn, Aug 20 2003


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