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The Share

business reality-show
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Me and a few friends opened a company about a year ago while we were all still in university. The idea was to get some projects going on the side (legitimate ofcourse). This however didnt take off as we had hoped. everything move slowly, if at all, and the entrepreneurs we thought we were was sadly just a dreamy notion. We have all moved off since, got jobs and are almost prone to a mundane monotonous life of paperwork and superficial conversations...well no. i dont like that much.

I came up with this earlier on while i was chatting to one of the boys about how we're gonna do our website. please read on.

The idea is to launch a weekly TV show and interactive website that focusses on the lives of us 4, equal partners with a 25% steak in our already formed company, each with our own business idea. Essentially we are competing with one another in who can start off the business best. Our project would be ones of personal interest, and which we believe would do the best, be the most popular and reap the most returns. These include projects like starting off a fashion label, opening a restaurant etc. Completely unrelated projects. Each one of which we each have a passion for. Each only starting with a marginally low pre-determined capital investment.

We would each have a small part of the TV show where we talk to the camera about the progression of our ventures. Also, we'd each have a personal section of the website linked through the main page where details of our projects are updated every day with exactly what we're doing, what we've accomplished and how...meetings, deals, rights etc. And the public would vote. the vote would determine who wins, and ultamately who owns the bigger share of the company. The percentage of vote-share we each get would directly equate to the percentage of the company we each own accordingly.

Competition is healthy right? Well we would all be competing to gain personal and financial satisfaction.

If this were done right, it could gain huge media attention, publicity, sponsorship, deals, its endless.

One cant deny the direction that the populations' attention is going towards nowadays....reality TV and that sort. Well this is just a progression of that. One where its not tired Sh*t like a pair of rich blondes on a radtrip, or which wannabe surfer will get chosen by the beatuful woman with nothing but money on her mind, and non biodegradable assets in her bra.

This is more. This is the actual livelyhood of 4 promising young aspiring enrepreneurs who care less for the monetary dimension, but rather the hatching of their proverbial eggs, and destiny of their vision.

shinobi, Oct 01 2005


       mmmm steak. potato too, please. Wine? Maybe a side of wilted musterd greens? +!
bungston, Oct 02 2005

       //sadly just a dreamy notion\\ I bunned it ( as in I Bun, You Bun, we Bun, he Buns, I have Bunned/I did Bun etc., I cannot post this as an idea because word inventions are not for this particular site and anyway it is an old word.) But I did spot a flaw, namely: this will most likely be more of the old "sadly just a dreamy notion". I encourage you to go ahead!
zeno, Oct 02 2005


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