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virtual physical mail box

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The concept here is that you place a marker next to the real mail box, that allows you to send authenticated messages to whoever lives in that address.

It can be used by posties, to push an parcel alert, so you can actually get time to open the door. Or at least enough time to tell them to just leave the parcel at the door.

For the community perspective, its simplifies sending leaflets, since you can just place message via tapping at each house. (You can escalate attention to user by provide a small payment to the household)

While you do not have to be present at the mail box to send message to the household, you do have to be present to indicate that you are actually at the mailbox.

This is done via a solar powered "Time-based One-time Password Algorithm" module that shows a constantly refreshing display that shows a QR image, or an NFC touch point.

Thus no more "No ring, but pick it up at the post office." slips. And a new way to receive community messages in a way that doesn't result in more trees being cut down for paper.

mofosyne, Jan 14 2015




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