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The Good Samaritan

Unsuspecting People Helping Strangers
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This show will see how many good people we have in this world. We will travel around the world using professional stuntmen and actors to depict life's disaster moments or missfortuate experiences to see if there are people that are willing to step in an help out a complete stranger. The rewards will be vacations or money for the people who go out of their way to be The Good Sammaritan.
ralfyjust, Sep 23 2003


       Since most reality shows seem to be based around the concept of "lets see people behaving their worst," I think this would be a refreshing change. Bun from me, and welcome to the bakery.
krelnik, Sep 23 2003

       I like this and think this could probably fly but maybe only on Discovery Channel. Not sure that it would offer much drama which might keep viewers away.
bristolz, Sep 23 2003

       I like the idea of rewarding people who help seeking nothing but the pleasure of helping, but viewers might start being nice to others just to see if they get anything back. Still, I think it could be done.
Pericles, Sep 24 2003

       I gave a ride (out of my way) and twenty bucks to a complete stranger the other day. I'm still waiting for my reward.   

       "There is good karma, and there is dumb karma."
Eugene, Sep 24 2003

       There's something strangely funny about an annotation about the bad behavior of a real crotchety old rich man, written by someone using the name of a cartoon crotchety old rich man.
krelnik, Sep 24 2003

       Define good people, please. And also define Karma, because people here are mistaking it. Karma is not supposed to give immediate reward to those doing good. It's like a bank account... it's an investment.   

       Also, a good person is not he who does good waiting for a reward. If you expected anything from driving the wallet [Mr Burns] you should have kept it and saved some time instead of playing the good guy. It's not that you're a bad person from expecting something back from the good you do to others, most of us do, actually, but if being a good guy doesn't suit you, then don't fake it.
Pericles, Sep 24 2003

       You're just not looking in the right spots. I once drove a hitchhiker 40 miles, in the other direction. My dad has been known to stop for strangers of all sorts. Keeps life interesting.   

       So if I happen to see a camera crew that needs a lift, I'll be sure to stop...
RayfordSteele, Sep 24 2003

       Say good night, Gracie.
krelnik, Sep 24 2003

       //not sure it would offer much drama which might keep viewers away//[bristolz]

I disagree. If the show includes the several anti-samaritans that step over the beaten body (or take the wallet of a choking person, or photograph the flaming nursery school, or whatever), as well as the person that finally helps, that would be quite a show. Reward the good guys, shame out the others. +
lintkeeper2, Sep 24 2003


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