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The Skin Phone

For when a handsfree kit is just too visible.
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This phone is designed to be as close to invisible as possible. Here's the details.

The microphone is a fake back tooth, and the headphones are (until i can come up with something more effectively hidden) small skin-coloured buds that slot into the ear. For neatness' sake, they may also act as anti-noise devices. Many commands are issued to the phone by speaking, such as 'call Chris' - that is already baked.

The handset is actually more like a glove. It's utterly transparent, clings to the skin and has pores to allow sweat and air to pass through, so you almost can't tell you're wearing it. Rather than being pressure sensitive, it detects tension and compression. Ie, it detects the shape and movement of your hand.

You control the phone with gestures: to make a call, you might stick out your thumb and little finger in a 'phone' shape. To hang up, you move your hand in a horizontal slice movement, like a 'kill this' signal.

If you didn't want to dictate, then you would also use gestures to enter numbers and information, and to type text messages. The Skin Phone can be configured to recognise your favourite dialect of sign language, or it would come with a non-deaf-person's sign language for standard text entry (kind of like 'graffiti' input on PDAs).

Feedback on all of these would be spoken to you.

sadie, Oct 31 2002

Gleam in Your Smile http://www.halfbake...20in_20Your_20Smile
some discussion of power sources for tooth-mounted devices here [krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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       Can the tooth be blue?
krelnik, Oct 31 2002

sadie, Oct 31 2002

       Blootoof requires a lot of power and a big antenna, so i suspect that you'd also have a hidden 'collar' attachment as a bridge between the very-short-range comms for the three head-pieces.
sadie, Oct 31 2002

       I'd give my back teeth for something like this.
egbert, Oct 31 2002

       How is the microphone in the tooth powered?
Jinbish, Oct 31 2002

       The toothset can be powered by galvanic cell formed between a foil contact and the nearest filling.
egbert, Oct 31 2002

       There was some discussion on how to get power to a tooth over in "Gleam in Your Smile", see link.
krelnik, Oct 31 2002


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