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The Slapper

Go on, you know you want to ...
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In many movies - especially Action/Adventure genre ones - there are moments when the audience would like to administer a good slap to one of the protagonists and tell them to "Get a grip !"

The proposal is that for movies released on DVD, now and again (optionally, if the feature is activated at the start) an icon of a hand making a swiping gesture appears in one corner of the image.

The watcher has the option of pressing the SLAP button on their remote and thus administering a slap to the deserving character.

The movie then continues as if the individual concerned had been given a good slap and told to "Shu tup and get on with it !", "Get over it, you wuss ! ", or "For Christ's sake, get a grip !".

8th of 7, Dec 06 2009

airplane http://www.youtube....watch?v=Y_GJkKMPHxw
[po, Dec 07 2009]

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       Hmm, this has legs. A way to recycle bad movies by viewing them ironically, a la Mystery Science Theater -- only interactive. I believe this could succeed as a Wii game.   

       1) Buy up rights to a bunch of worthless movies   

       2) Work up a repertoire of dope-slaps, kicks-in-the-pants, 7-year-itch subway-vent-skirt-updraft etc. controlled with the remote   

       3) Profit. [+]
mouseposture, Dec 06 2009

       So basically it would become a slap-controlled choose-your-own-adventure? I'd eat some!
Joolin, Dec 07 2009

       + I'm thinking we can use this here at the 'bakery right now.
xandram, Nov 05 2015

       Slap on, Slap off, The Slapper.
travbm, Nov 05 2015

       Err, slapper can mean something a little different in UK English
not_morrison_rm, Nov 05 2015


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