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The Smatterings

Shoe bottom residue skins help remember the fun times.
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You fit one of these durable, unobstrusive skins over the bottoms of your shoes and go for it. Afterwards, frame the skins with a nice little photo montage of the event.

Materials used:

Micro gecko foot hairs

The deposits are absorbed by the nylon layer into self assembling monolayered surface patterns. The proportion and concentration of foot hairs is adjusted for maximal smattering collectivity, minimal surface adhesion and safety. This item is not to be effective enough to, say, scale a wall. We got those too, though.

The sheet is fit around the shoe and cut into a shape matching the outline of the sole of the shoe. An elastic band is sewn into the circumference of the nylon shape. The item is ready to be worn.



Red Light Districts.

Bad ass memories.

daseva, Jul 04 2005




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