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Waiting for Fish

Video vignettes -- ordinary people going about their lives with one thing in common: they're waiting for fish.
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Take your video outfit and load your accessory bag with small change, your quest to find out what is really on the minds of those everyday people you'll meet today is about to begin. Makes a great gift.

First stop: say 'morning' to the little lady up the street there who walks her dog at the same time every day. Today though, you hand her a coin and a bit of advice: "I'm going to ask you about how your day is going. When I say 'what are you doing?', you say "Waiting for Fish!"

On three, and two, and .....

reensure, Dec 16 2005

Participatory Culture http://participatoryculture.org/
Possibly an assignment-based Vlog would require less legwork by the publisher. [reensure, Dec 19 2005]

(?) Looks like [desertfox] is waiting for fish (bones) Latch_20buns_20and_20fishes_20to_20Annos
[AbsintheWithoutLeave, Dec 20 2005]


       Why not just go to the chippy and ask the people in the queue? Save yourself a load a money.
squeak, Dec 16 2005

       looks like you won't be waiting too long for fishbones! but I'm giving you a +
xenzag, Dec 16 2005

       But she's walking along! How can she be walking and waiting at the same time?   

       Bun anyway - I like stupid arts projects.
moomintroll, Dec 16 2005

       You'll be waiting a while for mine...
wagster, Dec 16 2005

       won't you distract their train of thought though?
po, Dec 16 2005

       People hanging out aren't by odds the lead dogs anyway [po], if you get my drift.
reensure, Dec 16 2005

       I don't get you at *all* today. sorry, its probably me!   

       the woman walking her dog isn't just *hanging out* (not that I really understand that phrase anyway - seems to imply youths standing around on street corners)
po, Dec 16 2005

       Me? I'm waiting for Godot.
csea, Dec 16 2005

       I am waiting for Vicini.
Shz, Dec 17 2005


       Abe Vigoda is alive.   

       <edit>26 Jan 2016 - done waiting.</edit>
lurch, Dec 18 2005

       This comes across like some bizarre form of mind control. Perhaps administered by the Catholic Church...
Honduras, Dec 18 2005

       [reensure] wanted fish, now hes got them. Have another.
Mr Phase, Dec 18 2005

       waiting for the electrician or someone like him
xandram, Dec 19 2005

       tell it to the X-mas bunny, kid
reensure, Dec 19 2005

       [xandram], good one...Firesign Theatre.
normzone, Dec 19 2005

       thanks norm-don't crush that dwarf, hand me those pliers
xandram, Dec 20 2005

       "Waiting for Codot" - [grayure].
nineteenthly, Dec 29 2011

       Waiting for turbot.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 29 2011

       Does it have to be real fish? Or does this include a halfbaker who's just posted a lousy idea and is eagerly clicking the "Refresh" button?
phundug, Dec 29 2011

       waiting for the Rapture. Oh, wait, that's right, I missed it already. Drat.
RayfordSteele, Dec 29 2011


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