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The Toilet that Never Forgets

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Every time someone sits on this toilet, the toilet records the identity of the sitter using buttock recognition technology.

If the person gets up and leaves without flushing, or leaves toilet tissue all over the seat, the toilet saves the identity of the user in its databank.

If the offender uses the same toilet again, the toilet will beep and politely warn "You did not flush last time - Please flush after every use".

Repeat offenders are treated to a nastier system of alarms and red lights, thereby notifying the other people in the bathroom so they can lurk outside the offender's stall and point at him when he leaves.

The offender can use a different toilet each time, but only for so long, before he has to come back to the first toilet -- and remember, *this* toilet never forgets.

phundug, Jan 24 2005

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       Er ... Er ... heh ... TPVO for my BRTHO ... hehe.
reensure, Jan 24 2005

       Don't let women build this or we'll be forced to put the seat down after having a wee.
wagster, Jan 24 2005

       You are going to end up with sevral emotionally scarred toilets if you do this.
andrew1, Sep 27 2005

       "buttock recognition technology" ? i'll get my R&D department onto it right away!
Yossarian, Sep 29 2005

       bun for the baker that ended an era marked by the dejection process's being underrated.
sweet, Sep 30 2005

       + Alternative title: Stool Pigeon
Adze, Sep 30 2005

       In view of the newly available "Butt Biometrics" technology, I think this idea is now bakable!
phundug, Dec 27 2011


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