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Scruffy Gits.

Automatic doors for toilets so my hands stay clean as I walk out the door
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Part Rant, Partly baked.
I've been to the pub tonight so excuse the smelling mistakes. Whilst there I went to the loo, bog, shithouse whatever you want to call it several times. Each time after I had done what I had to do I washed my hands and walked back out to the splendid company I was keeping on this glorious evening with a full moon in the sky. But something bothered me. I washed my hands but not many other people did so everytime I opened the door my hands were covered in the man sweat and juices left on the grimey door handle rendering my clean and healthy habits pointless. Now I have worked with disabled people in my time and had to help them on and off toilets and some of these toilets in modern buildings had push button doors which were easy to open and helped the person to maintain their dignity and independence. Most Supermarkets have the auto-sliding doors. The technology is there but what propose is the same technology to be used in pubs, clubs and other pubic areas. I have done a quick check on google and all the references I have seen relate to disabled people and I didn't see anything on this site that relates to my idea. If the doors are automatic Star Trek stylee I don't have to worry the next time I pick my nose or touch She who is the light of my life that there is more culture on my finger tips than in Leeds.
sufc, Apr 16 2003


       Are you seeing a therapist about your hygiene neurosis?
DrCurry, Apr 16 2003

       Why do you think I should see a therapist about this idea Dr Curry?
sufc, Apr 16 2003

       Could be a me too?
snarfyguy, Apr 16 2003

       I don't see how it could be a me too, but if it is I will add it to the first line. I'm also happy to delete this idea as I know that sliding doors are baked and all I want to do is use them for a different application.
sufc, Apr 16 2003

       1) Wash hands.
2) Grab paper towel.
3) Turn off tap with paper towel.
4) Walk to door of bathroom.
5) Open door with hand covered with paper towel.
6) Deposit towel in waste receptable behind bar.
Cedar Park, Apr 16 2003

       "Me too"? Are others using sliding doors in "pubic areas"?
lurch, Apr 17 2003


       (1) Approach washbasin;
(2) Allow valet to brush your jacket;
(3) Allow washroom attendant to turn on tap and provide hand-soap;
(4) Meanwhile leave tip on counter;
(5) Wash hands;
(6) Accept hand-towel from washroom attendant;
(7) Allow valet to open door; and
(8) Smile and nod as you glide through the door.
FloridaManatee, Apr 17 2003

       1) place latex gloves on hand 2) enter bathroom 3) do your business 4) dispose of gloves outside of bathroom.
Maeve, May 07 2003

       Kick the door open.
Vim Spinach, May 07 2003

       Oh I forgot about this.
When I wrote this I had been to a grotty pub called The Classic Rock Bar to see a band play. Now I haven't got an hygiene neurosis as the good Doctor may think but the toilets were disgusting. Think Trainspotting and you getting there. The urinal was overflowing, somebody had done a crap on the floor and wiped their arse on a sock and there was vomit at the side of the washbasin. Then I saw the door handle on the way out. Ahhh.
Still the band was good and went down well and I used the toilets in another pub about 50 yards down the road.
sufc, May 07 2003

       I like the doorless restrooms at some airports, an opening and a dividing wall, stroll in, stroll out, no doors at all. Starting to become more prevalent, especially in Japan, need a lot more space though.
ty6, May 07 2003

       The Classic Rock Bar scene sounds like a place I saw during Mardi Gras.
Zimmy, May 08 2003

       Holy cow, it's ty6.
thumbwax, May 08 2003

       I like to use my feet in the public bathroom. For lifting the lid, flushing if not automatic, turning on the faucet, grabbing the paper towels, opening the door, tipping the valet.... :) The only part that sucks is the dirty floor when I'm walking on my hands.... makes using the loo interesting too!
mlindros, Sep 07 2003

       (1) go outside (2) piss in bushes (3) go back inside. Using hands to urinate is optional but really you know where its been and I'm pretty sure if your partner is willing to swallow it then there isn't any need to get uptight about grabbing it yourself, let alone washing your hands.
Gulherme, Sep 07 2003

       Where do you people get your antibodies from ? no pain , no gain .
wjt, Sep 07 2003


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