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Toilet spray jet modification

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Some of you may be aware that a can of shave cream can be modified with flame and pin so that rather than a gentle surge of cream, it now shoots a concentrated spray 10 feet or more. Ah, college days.

This same adaptation could be used for a toilet. Currently, holes along the inside of the bowl direct water in an angular way, so the streams flow around the outside of the bowl on flushing. I propose that a hot glue gun and a wire could be used to plug these holes so that instead, they deliver a jet of water into the center of the bowl.

These jets would serve to whip up a fine head of bubbles when the toilet was flushed, if the bowl water was first liberally doped with bubble bath or dishwashing liquid. The water in the tank should be likewise treated. Of course, the person who uses the toilet might find that their bowltop efforts also created a fair amount of foam. Imagine their surprise to find their own foamy leavings mounding into a huge bubbling monolith rising up from the bowl when the jets come on.

bungston, Mar 31 2005


       Yes, yes - rule 11, avoid taboos, ideas for pranks. But this might be useful... somehow.
bungston, Mar 31 2005

       Re shaving foam - easier and equally festive to swap nozzles between antiperspirant and shaving foam.
Basepair, Mar 31 2005

       Re this being useful somehow--I doubt it. Great prank, though.
Machiavelli, Mar 31 2005


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