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Toast Extender

Avoid Embarassing Moments
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A clip on extension to your wine glass - up to a meter long made of thin tubular glass or similar material so that you can toast people on the other side of the table.
benfrost, Dec 25 2001


       nice one ben
benfrost, Dec 25 2001

benfrost, Dec 25 2001

       I concur. I imagine little remote-control coasters which would zip across the table to clink your wineglass against someone else's would be cheating--after all, you're supposed to hold your glass up to the other person.
Dog Ed, Dec 25 2001

       By the title, I thought maybe this was an idea for how folks could extend the little speech that often goes with toasts. Toast filibusters, perhaps.
bristolz, Dec 25 2001

       When I saw this idea, I was hoping for a way to get more out of a slice of bread.   

       [benfrost] You'd have to be careful (or more co-ordinated than I am) if the glass wasn't half-empty before you tried to toast.
cp, Dec 25 2001

       Yeah, yeah, yeah. Throw your drink in someone's face from across the room! Get refills without standing up!
phoenix, Dec 25 2001

       Darn. i was hoping this was a way to make your toast go further - y'know, like when you run out of toast before you run out of the scrambled eggs you were piling on the toast... ah, well.
submitinkmonkey, Mar 17 2005

       And when the event is over, the light sabre duels begin!
jjrobert, Apr 05 2007

       My Father-In-Law was a terriffic toast extender...he could make a toast last until all the guests were thirsty beyond belief....His toasts alwyas began with, "When I was but a young lad of three...." and ended with, "And now that I am an old man of only 87...."when the toast was finally over...they gulped their drinks in one giant "Glug"...now, I'm thirsty, too...bye.
Blisterbob, Apr 06 2007


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