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The Ultimate Alarm Clock

Wake slowly no more!
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As a college student I find that I have trouble getting out of bed, especially when I'm so groggy. However, once my body gets into the rhythm of being awake I'm all fine and dandy, so the question is "how can I bring my body from 0 to 60 as fast as possible?". The answer: electricity and prey instincts. The ultimate alarm clock couples the sharp, agonizing pain of a medium to powerful electric shock with the mind quickening screech of a primal predator that historically eats mankind. The sounds played would vary from day to day, perhaps including species such as the tiger, grizzly bear, even a baboon or a howler monkey, the calls of which can be quite hair raising. By combining this direct pathway to the reptilian flight or fight response with a sharp pain delivered by two electrodes stuck anywhere on the body the subject will find themselves awaking with a jolt more powerful than any imbibed chemical stimulant.
Postscript, Mar 08 2010


       absolute radio works fine for me thanks.
po, Mar 08 2010

       You may not want to sell these in places where actual animal incursions may occur..."Oh why the f&^% is my alarm going off at 2am...man there was a time when the sound of a hungry grizzly scared m....
MisterQED, Mar 08 2010

       //stuck anywhere on the body the subject //   

       There are places where people pay good money for that sort of thing ...
8th of 7, Mar 08 2010


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