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Stop procrastinating alarm.

Will power simulation.
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Ever sat down to do a long and boring job (Eg. filling in tax returns; or revising for an exam) with a certain air of gusto, up-rolled sleeves and 'i'm gonna get this done!', only to realise about an hour later that youve spent a good 40 mins or so listening to the radio and staring into space, or mentally undressing someone who walked past the window a while ago?

I certainly have. And thats why I'd like to propose a little alarm that sits on your desk and goes off every 15 minutes or so with a chant of 'Get to it you lazy bastard!' or 'Hurry up, There's no time to loose!' Every hour it could say 'Take a break, it will make you more productive'

This could be further enhanced for all you UK bakers by getting a Jeremy Paxman tie-in. 'Come on!' 'I have to hurry you.'

Zircon, Sep 13 2002

Procrastination Man http://www.halfbake...ocrastination_20Man
Might get upset. [phoenix, Sep 13 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

The Procrastination Prevention Program http://www.halfbake...revention_20Program
The computer version. [phoenix, Sep 13 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       This would be a constant ringing in my ears.
bristolz, Sep 13 2002

       I would, too, if I ever got around to setting the alarm.
phoenix, Sep 13 2002

       Fantastic idea, I already have o
General Washington, Sep 13 2002

       ...maybe I'll wait and buy one next week...
rbl, Sep 13 2002

       I was going to annotate this idea earlier, but then the phone rang, and then I had to go and get some coffee, and then my computer crashed, and then someone came in my office and wanted to talk to me, but I had a meeting to go to, and by the time I'd finished that ti was time to leave for the day, so I was going to do it from my PDA but then the battery was flat and I couldn't find the charger, so I was going to set up the laptop, but then there was someone at the door, so I decided to do it later. So I've logged on now, and I'll give you a croissant in a minute, after I've checked my email, oh hang on, the mircrowave's just bleeped, I'll do it fater I've eaten, OK, sory, must dash, busy busy busy, you know how it is ......
8th of 7, Sep 13 2002

       Nobody would post any halfbakery ideas.
kaz, Sep 13 2002

       I would. As far as any genuine work is concerned, the Halfbakery is procrastination incarnate.
Jinbish, Sep 13 2002

       In order for me to get up in the morning on time, I have to set three redundant alarms.   

       I would probably have a tendency to unplug or otherwise destroy such a device.
BinaryCookies, Sep 13 2002


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