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Wake Up Corpse

Inspired by the Nightmare Preventer for Necroalarmists.
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This is an alarm clock when it goes off it drops a real dead body onto your bed.

It could play creepy music or not.

vfrackis, Jul 26 2010


       [marked-for-deletion]: gross-out humour
Cedar Park, Jul 26 2010

       ditto, but it'd make a neat scene for a horror-spoof: every morning the protagonist or comedy-relief wakes up with a new dead body...
FlyingToaster, Jul 26 2010

       If you live alone, you have to set the alarm yours elf. [-]
Cedar Park, Jul 26 2010

       In my opinion, the whole MFD [gross out humor] thing is a very fine line. If this were a fake corpse would it be OK? I think 'Yes'. I think... someone with enough money and mismatched neurons should be able to bake this without calling attention to his perversions. Maybe the idea should be tweaked..
daseva, Jul 26 2010

       I find this hysterically funny. A big ol' boney body shaped bun for you, frackis.
blissmiss, Jul 26 2010

       Touche, 21.
daseva, Jul 26 2010

       No no no. Creepy music is not optional. Creepy music is mandatory!
Joolin, Jul 26 2010

       ...how can an alarm clock //drop a real dead body onto your bed//??
1) your alarm clock is on the ceiling which is located under a funeral parlor, therefore dead bodies would go missing. ?
2) your alarm clock is so huge, it stores dead bodies in it.?
3) what if you didn't set the alarm- the dead body is just hanging around doing nothing. ?
xandram, Jul 26 2010

       The alarm clock is like any other except that it has an I/O connection that can trigger a winch mounted on your ceiling above your bed.   

       When the alarm goes off it triggers the freewheel mode on the winch thus dropping the rigged corpse onto your bed. If you hit the snooze button it retracts the dead body back up to the ceiling elevation.   

       I think fresh bodies everyday would be labor intensive you would have to rig or hook each to the winch.   

       My thinking is that people who would want such a thing might be interested in using the same corpse for a period of time, say several weeks. You would need some kind of special liner for your mattress so as not to ruin it with the various forms of matter that might get involved.   

       I suppose if you are a weak hearted delicate poser you could hook an inflatable doll or a real doll to the winch instead of a corpse or objects maybe. With that said this would enter the product into an entirely different category of perversion.
vfrackis, Jul 26 2010

       Capitol specifications added. Another bloody bun for ya.
blissmiss, Jul 26 2010

       Sustainability could of course be improved by using a fake dead body, or an actor playing dead.
bungston, Jul 26 2010

       well he was the one who said *real* dead body!
xandram, Jul 26 2010


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