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The Wall

Wall made of plastic bottles to protect the USA
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The USA seems extremely concerned about Iran and nuclear weapons. The thing is, it seems to me, it only becomes a problem if the weapon actually reaches the US. There is a significant number of shipping containers which have reached their end of life, and there is reputed to be a significant island of plastic floating in the middle of the ocean. What the US should do, with assistance from Canada of course, is build two continuous walls in the middle of the Pacific and the Atlantic in the following way. Weld Shipping containers shut..making them water tight. Convert a nuclear powered aircraft carrier into a plastic extrusion plant. Park this ship near the plastic pile. Dredge said plastic, and convert to lego style building block. Place block on Shipping container. Build wall.

Several shipping containers might have to be stacked to form the base.

Build wall several kilometers high. This will ensure that any missile will have to fly high enough to clear the wall, and will give the relavant nations time for detection.

senatorjam, Aug 21 2010


       would this (the atlantic one) interfere with the gulf stream?   

       of course, migrating birds would probably happily settle on a convenient stop off point for a bit of a breather.
po, Aug 21 2010

       Trash talk, that's all this is. I'm not afraid of nothing, and nobody. Except for the government, and some other spooky agencies.
blissmiss, Aug 21 2010

       // Except for the government, //   

       That's right. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.   

       // and some other spooky agencies. //   

       No worry there - they don't exist ...
8th of 7, Aug 21 2010

       {unformed joke about not having enough bottle: some assembly required}
pertinax, Aug 23 2010

       I will fear no Neville
theircompetitor, Aug 23 2010

       For the Lard is with you ?
8th of 7, Aug 23 2010

       You do realise that ICBMs go into space, right? Well, scratch that, clearly you don't.
BunsenHoneydew, Aug 25 2010

       BHD....actually I do...you do realise that this was an halfbaked idea, right? Should I have said several hundred kilometers until we exhausted all the shipping containers and plastic in the ocean?
senatorjam, Aug 25 2010


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