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VMI Only girls will be born

Antibodies to homeobox gene Lhx9 cause all fetuses to be female This completely changes cultures to minimize war which is the purpose of most wars
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On my quest to preclude war n benefit humanity I decided that a weapon which caused all the children born to be girls would be effective

First it completely changes the culture of the target nation radically changing aggression as well as economy yet all the people live

Rather beneficially it causes the mass use of IVF procedures to have children which causes women to carefully choose the genes of the next generation which could immediately double lifespan (Jean Calment) as well as make everyone happy n clever n beautiful

I think Margaret Thatcher n Golda Mier would object to the idea that precluding men precludes war yet I think there would be a drastic reduction of harm

Technologically this is accomplished with generating antibodies to the developmental genes known as LIM homeobox gene Lhx9 which affects the differentiation of the genital ridge as well as Lhx9 complement genes Published research shows that mammals given antibodies to these genes develop differently Fortunately the female physiology is the spontaneous form

Engineering bacteria capable of living on road tar n straw chaff that produce those antibodies would spread the effect Bacteria that colonize the human body are also effective antibody generators Yeasty Bread as previously written here delivers live functional yeast to the GI tract

As argued with previous Vehicles of Mass Improvement if Iraq n Iran had used these technologies on each other during the Gulf war these societies would be radically different likely peaceful with great increases of intelligence longevity n quite possibly something like friendly sociability It is likely that the transition society would also focus on beauty. Once its all women then their own notions of favored appearance carry the day

From an Israeli perspective this VMI is both a threat and an opportunity First they could suddenly change the nature of their surrounding enigmas Second assuming immediate retaliation their country would have double the population strength That is to say with all women Isreal could lose half its population yet make that up with one generation

This is much pleasanter than nukes or conventional weapons From the nonwarring nations perspective approving the feminization VMI is a rapid way to pacify entire regions or preclude most threat from neighboring countries

What about people's social lives Well, I think that either the Lesbian Pill or a brief surge of hormones with cytokines during gestation gives everyone their full complement or more of libido back

beanangel, Mar 02 2009

Let the women run the earth http://www.youtube....FmM&feature=channel
[beanangel, Mar 02 2009]

Sperm from female cells http://news.softped...e-Cells-77740.shtml
[spidermother, Mar 02 2009]

Nature article http://www.nature.c.../full/403909a0.html
[beanangel, Mar 03 2009]

Yahoo Goup Replace men with amoebas http://groups.yahoo...lacemenwithamoebas/
Replace men with amoebas is currently Yahoos premier group addressing the replacement of men with amoebas. Join now! sprinkle a plant with amoeba water then transfer it to your vagina to become pregnant Numerous books have been written about entirely female societies, at Replace men with amoebas we seek to transfer a few hundred carefully chosen as well as created human genomes to the amoeba. A woman, or two women desiring to have children just transfer these amoebas to their vaginas while steering the choice of ameobic human genome with an herbal tincture. If Noahette were here, she'd approve. [beanangel, Mar 03 2009]

Y: The Last Man http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Y_The_Last_Man
Graphic novel that details the aftermath of an event that wipes out all men, due to a suspected virus. [Aristotle, Mar 03 2009]

Charlotte Perkins Gilman: Herland (1915) http://en.wikipedia...iki/Herland_(novel)
Utopian novel. Three male explorers happen on an isolated society of only women that procreate by pathogenesis, where everything is completely great. Dull and cringeworthy. [jutta, Mar 03 2009]

Islam fanatical? http://ballyblog.wo...tone-girl-to-death/
Please DO NOT WATCH THIS. (Unless you're VERY intoxicated - last warning.) There are, literally, hundreds of others. With just a modicum of Arabic: thousands ... and growing. (Makes me want to believe in a God; if only to Punish these jerks...) [Wily Peyote, Mar 04 2009, last modified Mar 05 2009]

Human Precipitation Defence Programme Human_20Precipitati...Defence_20Programme
Absolutely essential we prepare for the worst now to save our female friends from rape from the skies. [theleopard, Mar 05 2009]


       I think this could be done more simply by sterilising males at birth or by adding something to the water supply, then finding a way of fusing ova. However, i think there's a moral issue here, namely that it sort of leaves all the "tidying up" to women when the responsibility for creating the mess in the first place largely lies with men. It'd be better to enslave men and get them to sort out the world, and it also works better as a sexual fantasy.
nineteenthly, Mar 02 2009

       //finding a way of fusing ova// Linky. I came across a website once that advocated eliminating males; there were carefully thought out ways of making the last men's lives enjoyable despite their uselessness.
spidermother, Mar 02 2009

       Brilliant! So we're agreed then? Eliminate the male sex. Anyone want to veto that?
nineteenthly, Mar 02 2009

       No more Bach's? No more Van Gogh's? No more Ghandi's? No more Kipling's?
Zimmy, Mar 02 2009

       "...they could suddenly change the nature of their surrounding enigmas..." - I wish I could do that. [-]
hippo, Mar 02 2009

       //No more Kipling's?//
Well obviously not, no - there'll be no-one to Kiple* with.

* And certainly no Dickens.

sp. "and", "and", "and", "and".
coprocephalous, Mar 02 2009

       Given that behavior evolved in the first place, it seems likely that women without men around would just modify their behavior to include the role men have been playing. The end result would be, essentially, men with PMS. I think this makes war more likely, not less.
colorclocks, Mar 02 2009

       //No more Kipling's?//   

       I'm sure women can make exceedingly good cakes too.
marklar, Mar 02 2009

       I see [beanangel]s' off his Li again...
Wily Peyote, Mar 02 2009

       This is only phase 1...phase 2 would be to get rid of females also. Then poof...no more war! bone
saprolite, Mar 02 2009

       This is well-baked science fiction. It is also ill-conceived and thinly-veiled advocacy. It's also full of fallacies and dumb presuppositions.   

       I have to wonder about a theory that proposes to eliminate half of a species in order to reduce war.   

       And, as [21 Q] said, there are some pretty vicious women out there.
nomocrow, Mar 02 2009

       On top of the Ill-concieved and thinly veiled advocacy, and the fallacies and dumb presuppositions, it's also full of spelling errors n bad contractions n annoying fucking n's.   

       Type it with me, "and" Now do that in your writing. It's a great word. When you use it, sometimes people mistake you for a kindergarten graduate.   

       Now, concerning the idea... perhaps you could link to a reference for this Lim Homeobox Lhx9.   

       Perhaps you could also explain how an antibody affects a gene. As I understand it, antibodies latch onto proteins, whereas genes are composed of deoxyribonucleic acids, which get joined to ribonucleic acids, and these then work with ribosomes to create the proteins.   

       You might also care to be a little clearer about how "either the lesbian pill or a brief surge of cytokines during gestation" has anything to do with "social lives" or "libido." I'm pretty sure that the presence or absence of men doesn't have much to do with overall libido. Nor am i sure that anyone would prefer to change their sexual orientation over shoving an inanimate object into themselves.   

       Also, please inform us as to where we can obtain "the Lesbian Pill," as I'm sure they would be a big hit with the more voyeuristic and experimental members of the college crowd.   

       In addition to these, I'm curious as to why you think IVF would be beneficial. For one thing, IVF would certainly short-circuit any natural selection processes that normally go on. Surely you've seen some of the unintentional side-effects of selective breeding. Surely relying on technology for breeding is going to be expensive, which will cut the poor out of the gene pool. Seeing as how the poor tend to have fewer genetic defects than the poor who can afford to treat them medically, I'm not sure such a change is really for the best. After all, the women will still be contributing their half of the genes, AT LEAST.   

       Why you think IVF would double life spans is another mystery to me. Perhaps you could link to the reference you included.   

       Also, as you are aware that war is partially used to reduce the male population, you might care to consider whether or not war is also used to reduce extraneous members of the entire population, thereby cutting down on malthusian struggles. Seeing as how this is one goal of warfare, I don't see how doubling the lifespan would cut down on warfare.   

       I'm also a little hazy on how reducing the male population of middle eastern countries that refuse to educate women will provide increases of intelligence.   

       Likewise, I wonder just how you expect bacteria that feed on road tar and hay will be able to penetrate countries that are significantly composed of desert.   

       You might also consider the possibility that such a bacteria would spread. Consider for a moment that Arabic and African nations are among some of the more militarily unstable areas. Keep in mind that these areas also have social and religious institutions that allow polygamy. Seeing as how this bacteria would tend to produce a surplus of women, and a shortage of men, the spread of the bacteria could help to encourage the spread of Islamic-like cultures. I'm not trying to insinuate anything, but some commentators have suggested that Moslem cultures are more amenable to militaristic situations.   

       I will grant that greatly imbalancing the male-to-female ratio, thereby producing a largely female population is preferable to nuclear war. However, I do not feel that it is necessarily a mass improvement.
ye_river_xiv, Mar 02 2009

       They tend to be shorter though, [nomocrow], so it would not only halve the population but mean lots of things could be made smaller.
nineteenthly, Mar 02 2009

       Women get sick and men die. In work terms, that could mean that men go to work when they're not so healthy and underperform, then give everyone else their infection, whereas women do the sensible thing and stay off work, reducing the spread of the 'lergy and thereby improve performance. In the meantime, men just conk out really young from unexamined and curable testicular cancer because we're too macho to feel our own balls, or whatever.
nineteenthly, Mar 02 2009

       //They'd take a dozen breaks in the day, for thirty minutes each, complain every time...complain about the heat of the sun...//   

       My father said the same things about the men on his crew.
Spacecoyote, Mar 02 2009

       //I simply cannot imagine an all-female construction crew//   

       I sure can. I'm imagining one right now. Woooo hooo.
nomocrow, Mar 02 2009

       I can think of one thing they definitely wouldn't do that the male ones stereotypically do do.
nineteenthly, Mar 02 2009

       Two actually.
nineteenthly, Mar 02 2009

       Thanks for your rant, [ye_river_xiv]; I couldn't have said it better myself ... in fact, I couldn't have EVEN said it! Kudos...
Wily Peyote, Mar 02 2009

       May I point out, that by removing the male population of middle eastern countries, Women would be forced to step up and take over stereotypically male roles in the workforce... or die, this thus forces them to be more educated, also, the educated people (aka. males) would no longer be there to oppress the uneducated (aka. women) in their education and beliefs, allowing a cultural bloom   

       This is of course, until the populous dies off from the lack of children being conceived and born in subsequent generations due to er, technical difficulties...   

       Regrettably I must fishbone this idea because it will not fix the problem of wars... If anything, in Middle Eastern countries, you'll have a civil war as the educated women, and the declining male populous who think they (women) should not be educated and simply sit at home twiddling their thumbs and babysitting, come to blows with one another.
xxobot, Mar 02 2009

       nomocrow the language has a few words that wig me a little thus I have modified one word of your comment   

       I appreciate that you were moved to comment   

       This is well-baked science fiction. It is also ill-conceived and thinly-veiled advocacy. It's also full of fallacies and dumb presuppositions.   

       I have to wonder about a theory that [goes with] to eliminate half of a species in order to reduce war.   

       And, as [21 Q] said, there are some pretty vicious women out there. — nomocrow, Mar 02 2009 [delete]
beanangel, Mar 03 2009

       [beanangel] ... I often write things disparagingly of you. I sometimes believe (mostly) that that is Exactly what you are after... (Am I wrong?)   

       In all honesty - (because you're obviously exceptionally intelligent - possibly genius) - can you tell us "anything" about yourself ... your philosophy ... ultimate goals, etc. I'm laying my heart on the line, here ... mostly because of curiosity ... but also, because I've BEEN in a mental hospital for years (1.6 years to be exact) ... none of these other Bozos have yet to admit this in their case. (Well, at least none that I have ever heard "man-up" about it. Yet.)   

       [beanangel], your profile makes almost no sense what-so-ever. I am going to ask you one time only: would you please tell us a little bit about yourself? Your beliefs? Seriously. If you use your answer with ANY kind of spin-doctoring, I'll/we'll simply ban you and any IP address you deem to use...
Wily Peyote, Mar 03 2009

       I feel I should clarify my previous anno. I don't suppose women are not capable of composing, being an O'Keefe, a Rosa Parks, an Emily Dickenson, it's just that almost next to nothing has been created by a group of celibate people. Maybe some theory about seeds, that's all I know of. If equality were more realized in practice over the ages, perhaps I could name a women composer off the top of my head, so there is an issue, but I mainly object to your premise. If women were so abhorent to war, I think it wouldn't exist in the first place.
Zimmy, Mar 03 2009

       Ok, beanangle, What's your trip? Am I to take your ideas as some sort of ink blot in the future - considering your last anno? I'm no 1/2 baking minor diety or anything, but I feel annoyed at the idea of having something posted which drew my horror enough for me to emotionally comment only to extrapolate from an author's anno that it might have just been an amusing mouse trap by the author. Perhaps I extrapolate on a wild tangent and the anno is an expression of realization. Perhaps I puncuate things I shouldn't?
Zimmy, Mar 03 2009

       I read at Scientific American that the US government has spent 40 billion on bioweaponry research n defense   

       I thought I might suggest to the government, here, that feminizing a population is much more ethical than other programs they may be researching as well as highly effective at changing structural perspectives   

       I read at either Science or Nature that ancestry can actually be traced through skin surface bacteria people have bacteria they got from their ggggggggggreat grandmother a few milennia ago which is passed to them as they pass through the birth canal   

       If (big IF) that is true then phenotypic personality characteristics can be transmitted with transgenerational bacteria that affect the developmental genes although I know of no published antibody to homeobox development genes among current bacteria if there were they could be a path to what people become   

       Just to be silly benefitting readers that like Tolkien Elvish perspectives a bacteria could be produced which would gradually nudge that direction with time Nudge rather than program Maybe program I am pleased that such a bacteria would be transmitted to others during oral sex with the birth canal coating bacteria phenomena   

       link to a reference for this Lim Homeobox Lhx9 linked   

       how an antibody affects a gene I was reading a textbook there was a graphic of how giving gene specific antibodies to a developing zygote that address the specific rather linear map of developing portions adds doubles or skips making body segments among mammals   

       Lesbian Pill well theres a few I think There are two gene areas I think will do this then there is always proximity the girls school effect with variants on bremolanatide The Kinsey 1s or 7s (not sure which) might actually have a multigene anomoly as kinsey 1 or 7 is kind of rare   

       IVF is beneficial as a woman has a choice of billions of genomes to choose her child from previously it would have been her partner with IVF it could be her partner or a better genomic match Jean Calment lived double the 20th century human lifespan doing a Diff on her genes n yours creates the opportunity to give longevity   

       cut the poor out of the gene pool Nah I'm working on a way to pop a leaf n your mouth chew on it then use as a vaginal suppository to get pregnant
beanangel, Mar 03 2009

       ...seriously mentally ill...
Speed Razor, Mar 03 2009

       we all know that bean is obsessed with improving and purifying the master race using genocidal techniques. Meddling with other peoples reproduction and creating pandemics his specialty. He's a nut, and really not OUR nut, not a good nut, a best left on the train track kind of nut. Best taken with plenty of salt, and the recognition that he is only a small sample of what is out there.
WcW, Mar 03 2009

       He really owns that category.
daseva, Mar 03 2009

       A little knowledge...
wagster, Mar 03 2009

       A graphic novel series with an idea similiar to this, albeit with it happening in a single unplanned event, has already been published. See link, above.
Aristotle, Mar 03 2009

       //which this pathetic excuse for an idea was obviously concieved.   

       On the bright side it makes so many bad ideas look slightly appealing... now wheres the custard?
xxobot, Mar 03 2009

       Your missing these. ". . . . . . . . . . . . . . ."
RayfordSteele, Mar 04 2009

       This is a terrible idea, for all of the above mentioned reasons.   

       I prefer to reduce the fanatical muslim population the old fashion way.
MikeD, Mar 04 2009

       //That comment is extremely tasteless// ~ up_on_cloud_nine   

       Possibly ... likely.   

       But, let [MikeD] explain himself before castigating your stone, though...
Wily Peyote, Mar 04 2009

       //I prefer to reduce the fanatical muslim population the old fashion way//
... free airline tickets ?

when [MikeD] said "fanatical muslims", I don't think he meant "fanatically muslim".
FlyingToaster, Mar 04 2009

       //"fanatically muslim"//   

       Can the twain be parted? (Okay ... start throwing rocks...)
Wily Peyote, Mar 04 2009

       funny how religious "fanaticism" seems to consist solely of hurting other people. (okay not actually funny at all)
FlyingToaster, Mar 05 2009

       It doesn't. What about flagellation, starving oneself to death, suicide bombers and self-immolation?
nineteenthly, Mar 05 2009

       okay, hurting other people *and* entertainment then
FlyingToaster, Mar 05 2009

       Assuming this would work, ignoring for a moment the blatant misandry (what's the antonym of chauvinistic?) and leaving unchallenged the genocidic element, the link between the historical method of subduing a militarily defeated population through a policy of rape - and the idea presented here, there are also a couple of practical problems to work around.   

       The first thing is, in a population of females, any man who's developing offspring are immune to this Lhx9 (or any other environmental modifier) would benefit from massive positive selection and assuming his progeny would be more likely to inherit this immunity, they too would soon repopulate the stricken country before long.   

       Then there's immigration, in a land populated only by women, mightn't there be a natural influx of men from abroad? How can you be sure that these men will be of a gentler and more caring disposition than those who used to live in the country that's been stripped of half of its gene-pool, and who's primary reason for their immigration is their sexual gratification?   

       And if we set up border stations to isolate the country by limiting immigration and sealing in the population afflicted, imprisoning them behind barbed wire and machine-gun nests, the only way they can reproduce (albeit in their gentle, chiffon world (if you ignore the barbed wire borders) where everyone is pretty and spends their empowered lives indulging in non-competitive sports and positively communicative lesbian exploration) would be using expensive reproductive technology? And while you would presumably plan on providing this technology at "discount prices" - it's still a great way of making a LOT of money - nice wheeze - Dick Chaney would be proud!   

       Another way of raking in the cash would be to set up "Tourist Zones" where people from outside could fly in (via controlled bacterial cleansing stations) and fuck as many of the local population as they like. It'd be like Vegas, only where all the girls (thanks to their government issue libido drugs) are desperate for cock.   

       [beanangel] you are (an evil) genius!   

       And you're right, all this is better that a nuclear holocaust - it really is - but then again, so is a punch in the face.
zen_tom, Mar 05 2009

       A major problem with a woman-only world would be, as [zen_tom] astutely observes, reliance on sophisticated technology for reproduction. I think this is a problem for several reasons. An obvious one is the danger of extinction if the technology becomes unavailable, although this could be seen as a good thing. A more serious problem, i think, would be the concentration of power inherent in using high tech means of producing babies. Since all power corrupts, this would be rather like setting up a UN crisis governmental option. In practice, it would give the people involved too much power compared to others.
The solution to this might be to provide easily available and foolproof safe methods of harvesting, combining and implanting ova=>zygotes. I don't think this is completely beyond the wit of woman, but i do think that doing that in a post-apocalyptic dystopia is a bit of a tall order. It's hard enough to give birth vaginally safely in much of the world, and compared to this, that's a cinch.
nineteenthly, Mar 05 2009

       //Another way of raking in the cash would be to set up "Tourist Zones" where people from outside could fly in (via controlled bacterial cleansing stations) and fuck as many of the local population as they like//   

       Yet another reason we should be setting up a Human Precipitation Defence Programme for our friendly female autonomous neighbours, in order to quench the increasing threat from the Halliwell effect. The Weather Girls rightly predicted this terrifying apocalypse, and these women shall surely rue the day it rained men. [linkypoos]
theleopard, Mar 05 2009

       Add my pillorying of beanangel to the list please. Also, two technicalities that don't appear to have been addressed thus far, although nineteenthly hinted at the first one...

//Rather beneficially it causes the mass use of IVF procedures//

This rather assumes that the villagers in whatever underdeveloped country you happen to be attacking this week have access to this technology. Without it, this idea is, as zen_tom points out, just another method of genocide.

//Engineering bacteria capable of living on road tar n straw chaff that produce those antibodies would spread the effect //

Of course, you would have to make sure that these bacteria aren't issued with passports so that they can't get across the border into neighbouring countries.
DrBob, Mar 05 2009


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