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"Time Capsule"

Short animated film with no dialog.
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Scene 1: (Modern day) Closeup of cellphone with news page describing launch of a "time capsule probe" designed to return to the earth in 10 million years. Phone moves out of shot to reveal the rocket on its pad with the people cheering the countdown and launch.

Scene 2: (Mission control room) Among the celebrating technicians and scientists, one exhausted person plops back in his chair while watching the telemetry screen of the rocket as it leaves on its journey into the future. He reaches into a bag on his console and pulls out an apple for a snack. The camera zooms in on the apple in the person's hand with a bite taken out of it and the scene fades into another apple, in another hand. This one furry and animal like. The face eating this apple comes into the shot. It's apelike.

Scene 3: (Re-entry) There's a large explosion sound and the apelike creature, startled drops his apple and looks to the sky. A streak of light comes down out of the horizon and as it watches in amazement, turns into a strange craft spitting fire and roaring like a kill beast. A few hundred yards away it touches down and suddenly falls silent. Apeman stares wide eyed in amazement.

Scene 4: (The tribe gathers)

Ok, bunch of ape creatures gather around like the scene in 2001, capsule pops open and long story short, all this ancient advanced technology eventually learns the monkey folks to be modernized. It's a replay of the 2001 monolith thing but each individual item teaches another lesson.

Scene... uhhh... 8: (Twist) Ape man's evolved thousands of years later, they've got cameras, lights and now they're putting on monkey suits to film something. The camera pans out to show the surprise ending, it's the monolith from 2001, a clapper board comes into frame with the words "2001 A Space Odyssey, monolith scene, take one." The clapper board snaps shut and the short film ends.

So the twist is, we evolved from a previous civilization that wiped itself out, the cellphone guys weren't us, they were our precursors. So it's 2001 meets Planet of the Apes but the plot of the film is basically, the truth behind the movie 2001.

doctorremulac3, Mar 22 2019


       Nice - except I don't need to see it now you've revealed the twist ending.
hippo, Mar 22 2019


       OK, scratch that. New twist ending.   

       Scene 4: (twist) The monkeys gather, the capsule pops open...   

       It's Bob Barker, beloved game show host with a reminder: "Remember to spay and neuter your pets! It's the humain thing to do!".   

       The camera pans to the NASA emblem on the side of the camera and zooms in so we see the small writing between the large capital letters. "National Animal Society of Attention to spaying and neutering"
doctorremulac3, Mar 22 2019

       Maybe the apple was Soylent Gree. "Soylent Green is apple?"
doctorremulac3, Mar 23 2019


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